The Road of Intention

Energy is an amazing thing. No matter where we are, or what is going on, it is always possible for us to connect to something higher, through our conscious intentions. It is easy, when we are in the midst of stressful or oppressive situations, to think personally about the circumstances and want to get away, or worse, add our psychologies into the mix. Yet one of the best things we can do is ask the universe what we can bring to the situation that can uplift it? And to offer our life as the vessel through which that elevating energy can enter the darker space. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the meditation dream, I see myself going through an area where the conditions are so abhorrent that I am cringing inside. (This is kind of like a letting-go dream.) Everywhere I look the circumstances are dire. So whatever it is that I’ve loaded up in my nature, I have to let sift, let hang. 

There is a scene where I would like to have stopped, but I didn’t because the bathroom facilities there were too much to stomach, they were that bad. It just felt so miserable. So I continued on, and am now traveling through an open area, where there’s just plains and kind of a starkness everywhere, where I still feel this heaviness. 

And then suddenly I see up ahead a single tent, in the middle of this oasis of nothing going on. I am wary of stopping at this tent because I know that the woman who lives there is harboring a lot of anxiety, animosity, and her condition is such that she is crazed. It’s a crazed scenario, there’s no way of handling a crazed scenario.

As I come near the tent I suddenly see her. So I get the first word in. And what I say is not what she probably would expect to hear given how it is that she’s holding herself in her crazed way. In other words, she probably is expecting me to strike out at her in the same motif she harbors towards me, some mood or attitude. Instead, I surprise her with a compliment. I say, you have aged well. 

I continue on my way, as she, in her shock, digests the comment. The heaviness that existed there, was momentarily lifted, but I’m still in the atmosphere that suffocates the spirit energy of my being and veils the soul from seeing any beauty. 

See that’s where you have to bring something through. The other is the answer to it; you bring something through. Otherwise you travel about in the oasis and expanse of things, and there still is something askew; things are still breaking down in the collective, in the overall. 

Well, I’m still looking for a bathroom that I can stomach. So I come to an area where there is a small building that, at first glance, I assume, that’s a bathroom. It is a place where long ago, either grain was stored there, or it was used to feed animals grain. I say that because based upon the way the dirt is; it’s not ordinary dust, it’s kind of like what I’m standing in is something that’s mostly decomposed grain. It’s very dry and is turning into dust.

I relieve myself on the ground and cannot help but notice that the decomposed grain is trying to soak the moisture up but it doesn’t absorb quite in the same way dust does because it needs to decompose more. 

So what is going on is the heat and burden and pain of life is slowly breaking me down. I am still traveling in life in the clutches of such a compressed sensation, noticing I am hardly able to handle the oppressiveness – but that’s slowly changing. I do not harbor a reactivity quite like before. In other words, I don’t respond to the reactivity, I hold it within, I recognize it – as opposed to maybe getting caught in it.

Slowly, such prima materia fodder, in other words, all denseness in our nature is like a prima materia fodder, including the rootedness of things, and it’s meant to absolve, to pour into us, to be used, the power of that.

So it’s like that fodder is going away like feed grain goes back to dust, so to speak. But I’m not there yet. In other words, since I’m everything I’m the grain and all that. I still feel and harbor the sensation in the overall of a heaviness, indicating that I still have a way to go before my consciousness is able to truly let go. You let go recognizing the earthliness of things.

And so, that’s what is going on. And the meaning is, it’s like being a traveler on the road of intention. I seek an emptiness but have a way to go. I’m still harboring stark, reactive, contractive and compressed sensations in my overall atmosphere. This keeps me from accessing the world soul embedded in manifestation. It is humbling to get a report from time to time of this condition.

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A Rooted Point

Our brain is merely one of our processing tools. We also use our intuition, our subconscious, and our unconscious to process everything that we experience. And each one has its own speed and timings, as pertinent information is gathered together and brought into a cohesive alignment, where it can then rise to the surface of our conscious thoughts and inform us of what is going on. Consciously understanding our inner processes also supports them, which, over time, will allow them to work even more efficiently for us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Your dream corresponds to my last dream that I wrote up. I probably had two or three others, I just refused to wake up to write them down. But this last one was so crisp, and so alive, that it was almost as if it happened. It’s almost as if I’m reviewing this as something that had happened once upon a time. But it’s not, it’s a dream. So I describe it a little bit as if it’s an outer event that has symbolism to it.

I’m going through county records, and I have envelopes for all of the property that’s in the county. They’ve been handed to me, all these envelopes have been handed to me because I have a right to see everything. 

I don’t have to open all the envelopes because I’ve already identified the five or six parcels in which there’s something significant going on, where something is returned in regards to that. Three of the six parcels are delinquent just one year, and for something that is returned to me, usually there’s more than one year delinquent, so something doesn’t make sense. Plus, they are all at what is considered by anyone who was to take the time to study this county, they’re the most pristine part of the county, it’s the very southern point of the county, and it narrows at the southern point.

At the southern point, when you look at a map, there’s something colorful about this area, it’s very, very scenic. This whole area has been cut into really, really small recreational parcels to accentuate the quality. And, because it’s so far away, it’s easy to ignore, but somehow or another I can’t ignore it because of the fact that it’s rather interesting that, in this isolated spot, three of the six fall.

In this sleep dream I’m in a room and I’m with a person who is kind of like watching, but doesn’t necessarily understand how this process works. So he’s helping me, and so he might open an envelope or something, but doesn’t really know what he’s doing. I can tell that I’m onto something, but I also realize he hasn’t quite caught up with it. I don’t know for sure what all it is that I know, so I need to sit with it a bit, which means that I have to get out of this area for now and let what I can feel tune itself in so that I can better identify, rather than try to probe any further at this time. 

In this way I will come to know what is going on better, which is kind of how it is, anyway. If I’m affected by something it works in my psyche. It’s like I spin around it, it works in my psyche and it goes into my dream world and stuff like that. And that’s how I come to know. When I’m asked to respond on cue, it’s better to let it sit a bit. If I respond on cue, sometimes I just dissipate what is meant to be understood, or blow the Chi of something that’s meant to rise up from any rooted way. 

So the meaning is, the outer is like a dream. I would imagine you jump into this as a type of dream that is like in the outer. The outer is like a dream in that, to get a better grasp on things, I need to step back and let my intertwined connection get clearer. I do that in the outer, I do that in the inner. 

I’m not treating this dream as just a dream, I’m treating it as having kind of an inner and an outer context to it because it was so vivid. This dream is so vivid that I’m looking at it as if it actually happened and it is pointing something out – if I am able to sort it out in terms of alignment. 

The main point is that what I need to know will result in more of an aliveliness about life, if the furthest point, which is the most rooted point, is taken in, is grasped, which is also the point that’s easiest to ignore because it’s like the densest way down there. But it is the most colorful and scenic point, and holds the means to getting a better handle on things. 

So the deeper meaning is this dream is indicating that I need to sit with what is coming through in a grounded frame of reference, as this is where what is happening is most directly making itself known. So it’s indicating the ability just to sit with it, too. First of all, to bring it up, to be able to catch it, too.

From life in its most rooted way comes the basis to understanding what is going on more succinctly, so that, on a deeper level, I’m able to sort out and align when I process to more directly assimilate my being. This takes time when there’s a lot going on around me. I catch up with the Chi of the earth that connects with the soul when I allow it all to come together, which means sometimes you have to step aside in order to allow it to come together.

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Establishing Access

The feminine is a container for all things, but space must be made within her to enable what is new to arise. If she is too crowded with the minutia of life, she will leave no room for her higher aspects to operate. The masculine is not a container, but a connector whereby he can reach the energetic heights, but he must be able to ground it and bring it through or it is a futile exercise. These are the natural processes that are enhanced when we have a conscious awareness of their working within us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It is said that the feminine holds too much of the substance in her body and needs to free that up in order to see and access more of what is going on, which then catches up with the sight, which is considered kind of like the masculine side of herself, the light. 

And the masculine needs to take and come to grips with the light of its nature through the sound principle of something that is rooted in the earth that they course up so that they create the correspondence. It’s almost as if the masculine doesn’t have to worry about the light, it just has to worry about being grounded and he’ll catch up with the light.

And the feminine doesn’t have to worry about its purity as a rootedness of soul in manifestation, it has to just let go of all of the ways that it holds onto things. And thus, it can make itself and become receptive to the light that creates the connection to it all. 

So the dreams are similar, they both are talking about something in terms of the physical. The feminine is letting go of overmuch in order to catch the flow. And the masculine can only catch the flow by pulling something up, is able to catch the flow by pulling something up. 

That’s very interesting that I’d be shown that. I guess it’s no accident that the health of the human body is correlated to maintaining some sort of Chi in the physical. And, ordinarily, trying to maintain the Chi in the physical, as an indulgence, doesn’t go anywhere for most people because they haven’t established an access to what is coming in. But I have established an access to what is coming in, it’s just that I have to now make sure I have the means to contain it.

And you hold the Chi embedded in your molecular nature to what is coming in, but, in order for you to identify with what is coming in, you have to let go of all of that that you hold so that you can see it better. 

And then there was one other aspect to the dreaming, that your dream doesn’t have that mine added, and that is you have to give it time, you have to wait. Once you get the hang of it you have to settle back and give it some time to sort itself and align itself. It’s interesting.

That is the problem with a lot of understanding of things. It’s like, you know the vibrancy and the significance of rugs, or in other words, the aliveness in that. But you don’t really know it in relationship to a greater wholeness of flow. And so you have to go through a process where you’ve eclectically taken it and gathered it up, and moved it out in order to release it, in order to be able to tune in.

The wasps are like things that, if you’re really grounded and trying to hold a container energy, wasps are things that are like agitational forces, can be deemed as agitational forces that interfere with the ability to maintain the container. But, in this particular case, what that is really signifying is that the wasps that you’re rejecting is something you need to pay attention as a fact of what is happening. So when you move things out, it’s like you mitigate the effect of the loss. You bring it together.

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