Inner Banquet

We have to love the creativity of our unconscious, always creating images that tell us a story about ourselves – some more obvious than others – drawn from the pages of our experience. Here we begin with someone clinging to the dreamer’s back, wasting no time with abstractions. Then we progress the story in the next image where two parts of the dreamer are in line to get into a great feast. One part of the dreamer understands what is required for entry and drops the aspects that will prevent him. But, of course, the dreamer needs both parts of himself to attend, so there may still be work to be done. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So when I go to bed and come to sleep, the first image I have is that there’s a person on my back. And I’m kind of on a motorcycle, and I’m trying to get away from a situation that’s awkward. And so I’m just driving away as fast as possible getting out of the scenario. 

And I’m actually kind of shocked and surprised, but it’s not like I’m ducking and dodging and weaving. Those forces were pretty stirred up, you would have thought that someone would have thrown something, or shot, or whatever, and could have at least hit the passenger I’m carrying on my back. But they didn’t, and I seem to have gotten away. 

And then in another image, a person hands me a knife they are carrying. In other words, what had happened is there was this big line, and it was a line to get into this building or this place. And, inside there, there was wonderful food to eat. 

But in order to get inside, you apparently had to go through a bit of security. And so this guy knows better, and so I’m standing in line with him, and suddenly he reaches in his pocket, as if I’m somehow or another a person he has to account to, and he hands over a knife he has so that he can go inside of the building. In other words, he fesses up, or otherwise there’s a security or a barrier that would have turned him around. But he lets go voluntarily, and, in doing so, is able to go inside and partake of a wonderful feed therein. 

So the meaning of this is, these are dreams about letting go and being able to go where I haven’t been able to go before. The theme of the meditation dream has to do with a new way of being that had not been known to exist, at least for me, until now. One had obstacles, or something stood in the way in terms of concepts or who knows what. 

And in this dream, the first image there is a barrier, basically, that I carry, that holds me back, or should hold me back. But in the dream, I, somehow or another, I’m aware of this enough that I’m able to take a step, a step such that, in the final image, I voluntarily and joyously – I mean, it was amazing. I mean this knife is in his pocket and it’s personal and whatnot, but he reaches in and hands this knife over to me almost as if it’s an afterthought. He’s glad to hand it to me. I didn’t ask him for the knife, he just voluntarily and joyously gives it up.

And what he’s doing is he’s giving up that which had been, or, because he is me, I’m giving up that which has been keeping me from going into an inner banquet hall where there is a whole dimension of things to be taken in wondrously. So what I’m being shown is that a breakthrough is imminent. That is the sense, anyway, that I have upon an energetic level of my beingness at this time.

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