Able to Be There

We know that on a map we can find something by finding the point where the specific longitude and latitude measurements intersect. Vibrations and frequencies are similar, in that, certain frequencies not only make certain manifestations possible, but they also hold certain intelligence. So, if we are able to reach the intersection of a certain frequency and the intelligence therein, it will be revealed to us as a knowing. Dreams and meditation can help us reach these locations on the inner plane. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The theme of the dreaming last night had to do with knowing that there is an access to something that you can’t see and you can’t know, but you can somehow sense, or tell, in an odd way, or just in a quality of your psyche or something. Generally, you can’t denote it otherwise as existing. But, like something about your makeup that has a way of being, and seeing through you, or however you would say that, that was what the meditation dream did. 

And, when I went to sleep, I had a number of dreams, but the one that I probably should have tried to write up, but can still remember, this dream reminds me of the story of what happened to Muhammad in the cave where he was suddenly gripped by something and squeezed, and then just heard one word, or whatever. The vibration and the sense of what he described comes from an access point in the breath that’s between the angelic and the top. And the sense that there is something else, or more, or whatever going on. That sense, that quality, comes from the zone.

So you can have a certain sense of the angelic, but then something above that. And it’s locate-able in the breath. I noticed and figured it out in the meditation dream, and then got confirmation of it, so to speak, by this kind of image dream that I had in my sleep. 

It was as if I had gotten up and gone downstairs in a house, or something, and I had the sense, all of a sudden, when I got down that I could hear voices, or something that was going on. And then, suddenly, I felt like I was gripped from behind. And what I was doing was going, what? What? What? 

And, of course, in that sensation I was also noticing, vibrationally or however you’d say it, that there is a quality there that has the sense that’s in-between, I would say the angelic is high on the in-breath, but above that, between that and where the interval of the in-breath turns to the out-breath, between those two points, in-between there, is where you have this sense, or where there is this aspect of something that is inside of you that you can’t ordinarily put your finger on.

I actually had this sense. You can access something in which there is the sense of another kind of presence that’s there. And it’s after the fact that I can glance back and see, okay, this had to do with some sort of aspect inside of myself that, again, I can’t put my finger on, I can’t describe with any succinctness. 

And I was surprised I was able to figure out where it’s located, and the fact that it’s above the angelic and at that interval, I guess it makes sense that this is at a point where you don’t have a good sense of pinpointed cognition, but it’s where a quality of the higher self, or a higher-self aspect of oneself, is able to – it’s like a beingness – is able to be there, then, that deep, deep, deep down you kind of know, even though you can’t prove it.

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