Sometimes we make promises we can’t keep, especially to ourselves. And we’ll get no better unbiased feedback about this than from our dreams, which can show us in no uncertain terms what is happening inside. Here we have the masculine and feminine trying to get together, but obstacles get in the way and then the whole thing no longer seems worth the effort. If we give up on a connection in our inner lives, it can mean a setback until we are ready to find a compromise or solution at a later time – because we know they don’t really go away forever. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I think my initial dream was a rather long dream in which I’m trying to get together with this man. And it feels like there’s even people that are helping us try to get together, another younger woman, a couple, and something has caused a separation. 

And so they keep trying to bring him around to where I am, and we keep missing each other, or he just doesn’t come. And finally, we both have mutual friends who are getting married and so by inviting me to the wedding rehearsal and everything, or some event before the wedding, they’re sure he’ll be there and that this will bring us together. But he doesn’t show up. So that makes me really sad. 

Then I go back, and I seem to live in his older building, it’s several stories, it has offices in it as well as a place where I live. I’ve gone back there, and I’ve gone upstairs to an office and the only evidence now that I have that I really care about all this is maybe a picture of us that I’ve put behind a curtain that covers part of a wall. I’ve kind of given up on all of it, although our friends don’t want me to. 

And then it feels like he does finally show up, but now I’ve backed off. And I question, why wasn’t he at the wedding? It was like he came but he left early because he wanted to go see something, or he has some kind of excuse, I don’t know. But at this time I’m kind of put off by it all. I don’t really trust it, even though everybody else thinks they can still get us together, I’ve kind of lost a sense of if he’s really caring, and I’m feeling sad. So that was that dream.

John: The theme of the dreaming was about where one’s positioning was in relationship to the universe in terms of whether things are happening, or not happening, or something is in motion, or not in motion. 

And what this dream is saying is there’s something that’s trying to get your attention that’s not getting your attention. And that, for whatever particular reason, it’s just not transpiring. Something more is meant to click, something more is meant to occur. 

As the theme of the dreaming is about shifts and changes and stuff that can come in, and either are coming in, or, in your case, it’s about something that’s not being recognized, not being noticed. 

I wouldn’t consider this a good dream, I’d consider this a dream of something in which there is the attitude or demeanor of missing something, of being out of touch with something. In your particular case, this is referencing something that you’re feeling is an inadequacy, or something that is meant to come up, that’s meant to get there and it’s not getting there. 

And where did all that come from? Because one is progressing all the time, in some regard or another, and so to suddenly take on a trait where you’re beating up on yourself, or being “woe is me” or something, is something that then causes you to not be able to stay in sync with the unfoldment or flow that is meant to be natural to your nature. And, thus, it causes whatever is going on to be kind of out of sync, or out of connection, to that.

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