New Source of Power

We may assume that dream images are abstract and enigmatic, but, again, the unconscious speaks in a language that the individual life can understand. Here a real-life situation is used to communicate a deeper truth: there is a new source of power available, but the dreamer needs to be there to receive it. Our lives are networked to universal connections, but we have to make these inner connections to gain the new intelligence and power that awaits our fitness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the sleep dream, I receive a telephone call from a mechanical engineer, who’s the main boss, who says it is a shame to have to replace the generator on my deck. To begin with, I don’t know what he’s talking about. Then I realize that a technician was supposed to come at 9am and never showed up. 

It is now late in the afternoon. I had forgotten about this as well, that the work orders indicated that what was going to be done would take two days – a two-day job. I suggest that maybe this guy got held up on another job, or subbed someone else in, instead of me in terms of the timing as some sort of confusion, because I was here at this place the whole day that, had he showed up, he could have been buzzed in. 

And another image that pops in as I am considering the meaning of this last dream, a girl pops into a man’s bathroom and says, Dad, why are you feeling so good? Comes the reply, it is because I think I found something. 

So what’s going on is I had already made the decision that the old generator needed to be replaced, so when I receive what is meant to be a relief call, it doesn’t make a lot of sense or do anything for me. 

Meaning: this dream is about accessing a higher perspective. A shift has occurred that makes it possible for this to be so. As part of the shift, I am meant to receive a new source of power. To receive this power is to be able to see more clearly what is going on around me. This is a surprise as I hadn’t made the association of a new source of power and ability to look around more as being in an intertwined association.

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