Shoulder the Heavens

As we proceed, we will come to understand the difference between connecting to higher energies and being able to handle higher energies. Sometimes higher energies will just make us feel tired and put us to sleep because they have basically overloaded our circuitry. Other times the energy will course its way through us looking for an outlet, which could look like an outburst of anger, or an inability to sit still, or a scattered thought process. The more time we spend with higher energy the more our system adapts, so that, in time, we can take the inflow and have a great insight, or create something new, or feel an incredible sense of wellbeing. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: What I wrote at the end, instead of writing up the dreams, is that there’s a primary theme that came out of all of last night, and the subsequent dreams that I didn’t write down, and that is, a person has to be solidly grounded in life to embody the vibrational shift. 

Now, it’s spoken of in the masculine as solidly grounded. Spoken of in the feminine in which you release something so that you get out of the emotional aspect of personality, and that other comes out and is the body soul orientation. And for the masculine, the vibrational energies have to be grounded in life, rooted in life, in order for you to have your feet properly on the ground to shoulder the heavens of things. 

So, if not grounded, there is a problem in accessing the knowingness that is infused, that can be just naturally there as if infused. It is this knowingness this that is most essential. It comes up naturally and requires a rootedness in life for it to emerge. When there are still pursuit dreams, a groundedness is lacking, and the sight for a knowingness remains elusive. 

When pursuit dreams prevail, it is as if a raw energy hasn’t fully incarnated. A person and those on the warrior path – if they aren’t swallowed up by dense, monster-like vibrations, in terms of how they are in the raw energy force – hold the continuity needed to ground the subtle expansiveness, and access the infused natural knowingness.

There is a form of Chi that is eluded when the overall life force is dissipated by nuances and mannerisms that keep a person repressed.

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