Ways of Being

At different ages in our life we put down certain attitudes or behaviors that used to occupy us, but no longer serve who we are, or what we want to do. This is true of our spiritual journey, too, because, as we progress, certain energetic connections will hold us back if we cling to them. Elevation, and evolution, requires letting go of what doesn’t belong in our future. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now the others are all kind of getting to this central aspect. There’s a meaningfulness along the way, but it is to get to the central point of the knowingness, that’s the essential point. It’s what was explained to you, too, that’s the imperative to be reached. 

So, in the meditation dream, I’m experiencing a vibration that’s effect upon the outer is going to be disruptive to the lifestyle I am used to. While its effect is still formative, I seek to change it moderately. 

In the next phase of the dream, the energetic is more established and so the idea of shifting it is a thing of the past. 

Meaning: I need to be receptive to change when it is formative because, over time, it becomes well established, which means it is something I must more readily come to work with as it is.

And then I had another one. In the next meditation dream, I also have an influence even though it is from a more ancient setup within my being. In this dream I’ve opened up a flow that I harbor deep within, which means it is from an earlier place of my beingness. I still possess an access based upon the past, although time has reduced its effect, and I am no longer as pliant as I once was. 

In the dream I am asked if I will go hunting with some friends who enjoy that aspect of life yet. I asked, what guns should we use? They leave that decision to me by saying, bring all of them. There are four of us. As I ponder what guns to use, I settle on a larger gun of my father’s rather than the 22 Hornet that I will use myself. 

I don’t quite bring all of them. I don’t feel that I am as intense a hunter as I once was, like my dad was who could do things with an expert eye as a shot. And with the big gun it knocks them down easier. So I don’t feel that I am as intense a hunter as I once was, so I elect to use more of a big game gun for myself as I allocate the usage.

Meaning: I have evolved from what had been a more vibrant nature; a vibrant nature is on the breath and whatnot, not necessarily grounded. A more vibrant nature corresponds to every phase of beingness when the hunt was more of an interference activity for me. I no longer see myself as being as rustic or wooden anymore, I have matured. In maturing, certain ways of being have shifted in that I no longer do the things I used to do long ago. In other words, one’s caught up with a certain kind of sense. 

A positive side of being more refined is I channel my energy more effectively. The limiting aspect of having become more refined is I no longer have access to the outer with such abandon. I pay more attention, instead, to the way a flow feels in its basic need, rather than how it pulsates effusively.

Deeper meaning: I am developing a knowingness from within as I no longer go about in life with the typical flair of others. I am able to relate to the heart in a quieter way and notice subtler meaningfulnesses inflectively. I do this by denoting more of a vibratory depth in the general flow.

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