Boosting the Flow

Just like circulation is important to the health of all parts of the body, energetic fluidity is important to the health of our inner life. So, when our dreams show us needing to divert a river into our “property,” or create an image where a faucet is still running even in the freezing temperatures of winter, we might want to take notice. Flow and movement not only refreshes, but it cleans and prevents stagnation, which is what happens when we get stuck in our old patterns and mannerisms. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Then comes the sleep dreams. In this dream I’m talking to a person and, from a distance, I see my ex-wife who is talking to another person. This makes the situation stiff. It also compresses time, and so the sense is the most compressed time symbolically, for me, it’s like it’s January. 

To alleviate the pent-up condition, my friend figures out how to divert more water that flows independently in another nearby creek to flow into the river that’s kind of dried up, or flowing less, that goes through the property. So as to boost the flow, the idea being to break a stiffness, and staleness, and create a movement and flow in the overall environment. In other words, rather than sit in a nuance, you sit in habituation or compressed mannerism. That’s the sleep dream. 

The next dream kind of continues like that. In the next dream, I’m over at the 40 by 60 foot building and into the yard comes a guy who wants to buy the property. And he acts like I’ve been avoiding him, so he comes over to plead his case. I say to him, the price is $180,000. And he acts stunned. 

So we walk around, looking at things on the farm, where I’m at there. And as we walk around the side of this building that I built, it’s now winter time and there’s snow on the ground. I hear a sound that is like the spicot on, and I notice then that there is still water coming out of the spicot into a hose. 

This shocks me. It causes me to become stunned. There’s snow on the ground, and the water is flowing under the snow. I say, it is a wonder that this hasn’t frozen up. I mean, it should have been shut off and drained long ago. 

And then I walk over across that path to the corner of the property by the edge of the road where there is a building. And he comments that, you’re choked with all of this. And I say, no, as if he’s still dickering for a price because $180,000 is outrageous – you’ve got to start letting something go. And I say, no, I have $200,000 in the building, the property is zoned both residential and commercial, there is water and septic. 

And so then I switched to the property that he was talking about. It’s almost as if I get confused as to what we’re talking about here. I then say I am planning on putting a restaurant bus on the property. It may junk up the adjacent area, but it would do well as a business because of all the traffic. As I pause, I realize the guy is noticing that what he is looking at is a good deal. And I’m getting confused in my head, as well. I’m having a hard time with that. 

The two dreams are about stifling, shut down, and a choked energetic flow. When conditions like that exist in the environment, a bewilderment predominates. When there is a shutting down due to lack of flow and fluidity, this results in confusion, amnesia, and the inability to think straight. To access my natural inner knowingness, that readily flows, I have to break free of such weight and stigmas.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Boosting the Flow

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