A Focused Mind

It has been shown that the energy of our thoughts can affect the growth of plants, or the molecular structure of water molecules, and there’s no reason to assume that is the limit to this human capability. If we are consciously aware, and potently connected in our spiritual life, we can change the energetic dynamic in an ecology, and make more possible in any situation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so the hint as to what’s really behind all of this, in terms of the something more, in which it breaks down in a simple dream that has to do with what you’re contending with on a day-to-day, but, in the meditation, it’s kind of pointed out to you what you’re now having to grasp is I am visibly shown how the fine vibrations – directed through a human being – are able to directly affect matter. 

I observed the vibrations refined by a mind that has accepted an understanding of this correlation and is able to affect matter with ease. Tai Chi is this understanding, acted out. If another person has a superior understanding of the correlation of mind to matter, this is really apparent to those who can communicate the relationship of mind or matter. 

By slowing the process down, in terms of me seeing it I see it in very slow motion, yet I see it’s very effective and enables me to observe the connection when it’s slowed down. In the dream, I observe how an understanding of the nuances embedded in the molecular is touched. I see everything I know being carried out and acted out in slow motion. 

When the Chi is strong in its development, the slightest and simplest of motions will have a profound effect upon the recipient. I observed the play out in such a slow motion that, to an untrained eye unable to see the energetic correlation, the effect seems other-world surreal. I first saw this come into fruition on Tai Chi day, where I observed this woman bring up the Chi and hold it in her hands. 

In my meditation dream I observe how this is used to direct the body and affect the correlated energetic within matter to cause it to respond as directed. I observed this done with ease and in a slow motion way to more easily portray the effect. Ideally speaking, I can see that when a person has an understanding, with regard to the Chi, that the effect in slow motion is profound.

And upon an even pure plane of consciousness, mind can affect matter without touching it. This occurs when the stillness and emptiness is knowable. When time and space fall away, the etheric mind touches all there is. To sum it up with a basic statement: Tai Chi is a process in which the focused etheric mind affects matter. So that’s the meditation dream; isn’t that interesting?

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