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We may think that our inner processes mirror what happens in the outer world, but really it’s the opposite: our outer world reflects our inner processes. We know when we move or make changes in our outer life, we can’t take everything with us, we have to winnow our belongings and attachments down to a manageable amount – and that’s because that is exactly the process required by our inner lives. Letting go could also be understood as making space for what is new that wants to join us. When we are conscious of our natural inner processes, we move ourselves closer to the flow of things. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I just remember my last dream. In it I seem to be getting ready to move, and I’ve been living in a one or two room place that I rented. And one of the things I’ve done is I’ve moved everything out into the yard, so that the only thing in the whole unit is the carpet. Because I seem to feel that the place really needs to be cleaned out, almost like fumigated. 

So when I go outside I see some furniture and things out there, but there’s nothing inside. And I’m going to move things back in after I’ve cleared the whole place in some way. And then I realize that one of the reasons I did that is that there were some wasps, because I see the wasps around and so I wanted to get rid of them and the only way I knew to do that was to clear everything out.

And then once I’m out, I realize that I’m going to be moving on somewhere, but I’m not sure where yet. And someone else seems to have come with me, someone that’s kind of shadowy, I don’t see really clearly. And when I’m looking at our starting out, I’m realizing that I’m hardly taking anything with me.

I have two or three pieces of chicken, but I’ve set these down, and I end up giving this to the other person; I think in my mind maybe the chicken just attracts the wasps or something. But then I realize that because I don’t have anything left, I’ll either have to join a group of people that just wander, or I may have to take a temporary job for a while. 

And so I’m looking at that issue. Do I have some contacts, someplace, where I think I can walk down and get work? And maybe work temporarily to kind of fund whatever journey I’m going on next.

John: Well this dream has given you information in regards to a type of letting go that you need to do, that enables you to get rid of peculiar nuances by making yourself more empty. And when you do that, I guess it enables you to not only develop a clarity about yourself, but enables you to take another step in life, or some other step in life, that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to do, or that wouldn’t normally be possible in terms of you catching up with such a flow. 

The theme of the dreaming had to do with kind of a subject matter of what we need to do in order to establish a better access to what needs to unfold in our lives. And you did this in a way that’s opposite the way I did it. The way I did it indicated that one needed to come to grips with an understanding in a more grounded way.

The way you did it is you indicated that you needed to let go of things, clear something out of its effect in your space, and environment, in order to be able to grasp the movement inside of yourself of something more. 

And so, as you were telling this dream, I’m pondering if they both aren’t somewhat the same. In other words, what is in your house that’s grabbing your frame of attention is like an overindulgent presence of things that one eclectically accumulates, or holds in their nature, that is in the way of an emptiness. And that there is a greater freedom in recognizing what a more vibrant flow is, when one is able to release all of that. 

So that’s in the direction of how one is an earthy way, but maybe in an over earthy way. And my dream is more about something in which there is a rising up, almost like a pulling together of something from the farthest point of oneself, the very base part of oneself, in order to tune in and use that as a means and a basis to recognizing what is going on. 

And so, again, I think that the deeper meaning is this has to do with soul and matter. And it’s said that soul and matter are correlated. The matter in the physical correlates to the soul of the macrocosm. That way macro and micro become the same. 

And so it’s almost as if you’re letting go of a material overindulgence in order to grasp something so much more, which is a movement that’s more in-breath and like a feminine breath. In other words, it looks like a rising up to something more. But it really works with the base of things as its foundational point, and the letting go enables the revealing to what is a greater flow to be caught up with.

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