Establishing Access

The feminine is a container for all things, but space must be made within her to enable what is new to arise. If she is too crowded with the minutia of life, she will leave no room for her higher aspects to operate. The masculine is not a container, but a connector whereby he can reach the energetic heights, but he must be able to ground it and bring it through or it is a futile exercise. These are the natural processes that are enhanced when we have a conscious awareness of their working within us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It is said that the feminine holds too much of the substance in her body and needs to free that up in order to see and access more of what is going on, which then catches up with the sight, which is considered kind of like the masculine side of herself, the light. 

And the masculine needs to take and come to grips with the light of its nature through the sound principle of something that is rooted in the earth that they course up so that they create the correspondence. It’s almost as if the masculine doesn’t have to worry about the light, it just has to worry about being grounded and he’ll catch up with the light.

And the feminine doesn’t have to worry about its purity as a rootedness of soul in manifestation, it has to just let go of all of the ways that it holds onto things. And thus, it can make itself and become receptive to the light that creates the connection to it all. 

So the dreams are similar, they both are talking about something in terms of the physical. The feminine is letting go of overmuch in order to catch the flow. And the masculine can only catch the flow by pulling something up, is able to catch the flow by pulling something up. 

That’s very interesting that I’d be shown that. I guess it’s no accident that the health of the human body is correlated to maintaining some sort of Chi in the physical. And, ordinarily, trying to maintain the Chi in the physical, as an indulgence, doesn’t go anywhere for most people because they haven’t established an access to what is coming in. But I have established an access to what is coming in, it’s just that I have to now make sure I have the means to contain it.

And you hold the Chi embedded in your molecular nature to what is coming in, but, in order for you to identify with what is coming in, you have to let go of all of that that you hold so that you can see it better. 

And then there was one other aspect to the dreaming, that your dream doesn’t have that mine added, and that is you have to give it time, you have to wait. Once you get the hang of it you have to settle back and give it some time to sort itself and align itself. It’s interesting.

That is the problem with a lot of understanding of things. It’s like, you know the vibrancy and the significance of rugs, or in other words, the aliveness in that. But you don’t really know it in relationship to a greater wholeness of flow. And so you have to go through a process where you’ve eclectically taken it and gathered it up, and moved it out in order to release it, in order to be able to tune in.

The wasps are like things that, if you’re really grounded and trying to hold a container energy, wasps are things that are like agitational forces, can be deemed as agitational forces that interfere with the ability to maintain the container. But, in this particular case, what that is really signifying is that the wasps that you’re rejecting is something you need to pay attention as a fact of what is happening. So when you move things out, it’s like you mitigate the effect of the loss. You bring it together.

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