The Road of Intention

Energy is an amazing thing. No matter where we are, or what is going on, it is always possible for us to connect to something higher, through our conscious intentions. It is easy, when we are in the midst of stressful or oppressive situations, to think personally about the circumstances and want to get away, or worse, add our psychologies into the mix. Yet one of the best things we can do is ask the universe what we can bring to the situation that can uplift it? And to offer our life as the vessel through which that elevating energy can enter the darker space. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the meditation dream, I see myself going through an area where the conditions are so abhorrent that I am cringing inside. (This is kind of like a letting-go dream.) Everywhere I look the circumstances are dire. So whatever it is that I’ve loaded up in my nature, I have to let sift, let hang. 

There is a scene where I would like to have stopped, but I didn’t because the bathroom facilities there were too much to stomach, they were that bad. It just felt so miserable. So I continued on, and am now traveling through an open area, where there’s just plains and kind of a starkness everywhere, where I still feel this heaviness. 

And then suddenly I see up ahead a single tent, in the middle of this oasis of nothing going on. I am wary of stopping at this tent because I know that the woman who lives there is harboring a lot of anxiety, animosity, and her condition is such that she is crazed. It’s a crazed scenario, there’s no way of handling a crazed scenario.

As I come near the tent I suddenly see her. So I get the first word in. And what I say is not what she probably would expect to hear given how it is that she’s holding herself in her crazed way. In other words, she probably is expecting me to strike out at her in the same motif she harbors towards me, some mood or attitude. Instead, I surprise her with a compliment. I say, you have aged well. 

I continue on my way, as she, in her shock, digests the comment. The heaviness that existed there, was momentarily lifted, but I’m still in the atmosphere that suffocates the spirit energy of my being and veils the soul from seeing any beauty. 

See that’s where you have to bring something through. The other is the answer to it; you bring something through. Otherwise you travel about in the oasis and expanse of things, and there still is something askew; things are still breaking down in the collective, in the overall. 

Well, I’m still looking for a bathroom that I can stomach. So I come to an area where there is a small building that, at first glance, I assume, that’s a bathroom. It is a place where long ago, either grain was stored there, or it was used to feed animals grain. I say that because based upon the way the dirt is; it’s not ordinary dust, it’s kind of like what I’m standing in is something that’s mostly decomposed grain. It’s very dry and is turning into dust.

I relieve myself on the ground and cannot help but notice that the decomposed grain is trying to soak the moisture up but it doesn’t absorb quite in the same way dust does because it needs to decompose more. 

So what is going on is the heat and burden and pain of life is slowly breaking me down. I am still traveling in life in the clutches of such a compressed sensation, noticing I am hardly able to handle the oppressiveness – but that’s slowly changing. I do not harbor a reactivity quite like before. In other words, I don’t respond to the reactivity, I hold it within, I recognize it – as opposed to maybe getting caught in it.

Slowly, such prima materia fodder, in other words, all denseness in our nature is like a prima materia fodder, including the rootedness of things, and it’s meant to absolve, to pour into us, to be used, the power of that.

So it’s like that fodder is going away like feed grain goes back to dust, so to speak. But I’m not there yet. In other words, since I’m everything I’m the grain and all that. I still feel and harbor the sensation in the overall of a heaviness, indicating that I still have a way to go before my consciousness is able to truly let go. You let go recognizing the earthliness of things.

And so, that’s what is going on. And the meaning is, it’s like being a traveler on the road of intention. I seek an emptiness but have a way to go. I’m still harboring stark, reactive, contractive and compressed sensations in my overall atmosphere. This keeps me from accessing the world soul embedded in manifestation. It is humbling to get a report from time to time of this condition.

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