A Maintenance Way

There are many ways to interact with life, but trying to control it is generally a futile effort. In this dream, the arising energy is shown as a puppy, which has a burgeoning life of its own. Leashing the puppy might dampen its spirit, whereas giving it an allowance to be what it naturally is, and to find its own equilibrium, can be a better way. What is emergent in us needs to be handled with care, in a way that supports its energetic flourishing. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I don’t remember dreaming last night; I remember I was dreaming but I didn’t remember them. After you came to bed, I had two dreams, one with you that I lost, and then this last little dream in which I seem to be outside a home. I mean, like in the city. 

And on the street walking there’s a young Russian woman, and I guess her husband or boyfriend, and she has a new puppy that they’ve decided to take out for a walk. Or maybe he has it, and she’s coming and so the puppy is running towards her. Glad to see her. 

But then she’s all excited and then the puppy runs right by her. So she catches the puppy and puts it on a leash, and puts it in the elevator. And they’re going up in the elevator to their home or something. And I think I say something to them about, if they really want the puppy they should have left it off the leash. You know, it was going to come back. It was going to come back on its own time. So I was hoping they would actually leave it off the leash.

John: That’s a good dream in terms of a container energy. And it’s actually, if you think of the three Hindu forces, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, that’s a Vishnu trait, knowing how to preserve something. And you don’t try to control it. You recognize, in an overall context container way, how it is that something needs to be maintained. 

And that’s kind of how you were expressing yourself yesterday in the dream group: you know, and had a sense of how something needs to be understood in a maintenance way. And you communicated that.

The difference in what I communicated is, I’m primarily Vishnu, too; primarily. I don’t have much Brahma, but I do have Shiva.

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