The Key Fits

Every one of us has keys to certain things that are unique to us. We have our unique set of experiences, knowledge, insight, and curiosity, which lead us to open doors to undiscovered places. We might imagine that the door opens upon a huge new place filled with things laid out before us, but in many ways it’s still an empty space that we need to fill with our further discoveries. In this way, we each add to the wholeness of life through the journey. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so, my dream last was telling me that that all is okay, because the Shiva thing leads to a seeing of something, and a pushing through in a force-of-nature way. And, in a roundabout way, so did Dean have the Shiva, but he exercises the Shiva from a certain kind of intuitional inflection. 

He was traveling to India and there was a woman there, at the time, who was deemed to be the holiest woman on the planet. And he knew, before he got there, inflectively inside he knew that she had passed away. And he said, now, of course, he would trust in what he knew. That’s a Shiva property, where you have this perception, and this sight. 

Now, this goes beyond personality and emotion, which is how most people have to function. And, therefore, that’s why it’s a type of force of nature. And it’s a type of Shiva quality, that’s a force of nature quality. 

And so what I dreamt was, what this looks like on the other side. And it’s a very interesting dream, in that it starts off in which I’ve gone somewhere deep within. I don’t remember how deep, or where it was that I was looking within, searching. 

What I do remember, so to speak, from coming from this depth, as I’m coming back, tumbling back, that I’m in front of an object that is not yet fully put together. And I take a key and insert it into a slot; it hardly looks like there’s a slot there, but the key fits. And everyone is kind of taken aback. 

Even I’m a little surprised that it is inclined to open something up, even though the key fits to something that’s almost an invisible key slot. At the same time I settle back, because it’s almost an invisible thrust because the rest of the assemblage of this object has yet to happen to actually make the whole everything else that encompasses what is being put together, that is, for this key slot to work.

And so when anybody else looks at this, first of all, I’m in wonder myself and surprised, so you can imagine what it’s like for someone else. But I know, as a result, that what has occurred is meaningful. And in that regard, in a way, I’ve come just like when you trust something in a Shiva insightful way, I’m not surprised. It’s like I’m surprised, but not surprised. I’m surprised that the key fits into something that’s not really necessarily a key slot, per se, in terms of time and space, but in terms of the assemblage that comes together, and what more this could be. 

And it’s almost like I sit and I wonder, in terms of the more that it can be, is whether there is yet another key? 

So the scenario is I shook something up in the dream group, and caused the typical reactions in a force-of-nature way. And the meaning is, the dream is showing me that I am onto something. In the past, I saw a boy – who is now 11 – before he was born, that he would be a unique and special child. I also see a poet who is able to cross all kinds of genres with his poetry; it is a gift to the world. This is how the key works. The rest is then assembled around the key.

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