Line of Credit

We often speak about how many processes and methodologies in the outer world are reflections of how things operate on our inner levels. In this dream, the character is being given a line of credit, and, as we know, if we handle this well and pay the bills the credit line increases, and our credit “score” is considered a good one – and then we can gain access to more and more because we are a good “risk.” The energy worlds work similarly: if we show ourselves to be consistent and reliable hosts, they will make a home in us, offering intelligence and enhancement. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in the meditation dream, the dream starts out where I am seeking a better way to deal with the outer environment, and the typical issues in the outer environment. And I’m given a new credit card that I use for what are kind of considered equity occasions; in other words, something that works in matter. 

Initially, the card is questionable in terms of its general benefit. I’m wondering if the use of this card is more bother than what it is worth because the card starts off carrying a very low credit line. This makes it hard to use. 

But over time the credit line is increased, and keeps increasing, until all of a sudden it kind of shocks me: it gets all the way up to $50,000 on the credit card with just one condition. And the condition is that the card’s credit rating of up to $50,000 has to be applied in equity situations. In other words, where there is some substance. In other words, it’s not just willy nilly where there’s nothing to show. 

And so the dream meaning is it’s indicating that I am being given more and more access to affect what is going on in the outer. This doesn’t come right away, it took time to see if I could handle the access.

When the credit card was increased to $50,000 I was stunned because $50,000 was far more of a credit line than I would have ever chosen for myself. To be given such a large credit line felt a bit awkward, responsibility-wise, making me a bit nervous as this was more than I need. 

I didn’t complain, I was just a bit taken aback and in awe. I was being trusted to invest capital given to me by the superiors in a safe, sound, and wise way. I hadn’t chosen this, it was provided in the form of a credit card responsibility, meaning I must exercise care to not abuse such an entitlement. 

And so what this is also talking about is how things work in terms of how you are able to maintain some quality of a flow inside of you. You can’t abuse that; you can’t be too rampant with that. You don’t shuck and jive it and use it for any kind of personality, and whatever, edification.

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