Threads of Symmetry

It may seem that sometimes we are able to connect with, and be in, the flow in an easy and natural way. Still, what we are connected to is only a part of the flow. There will always be more to connect with (until we are fully merged again, after a physical life). We expand the breadth of the flow by adding newly aligned aspects of our inner life to what has already been aligned. This is the work of spiritual development, and it continues all the days of our lives. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in my sleep dream, I was looking at multiplications inside of myself, in which there’s a symmetry. It’s like I was trying to go: three times three is nine, six times six is 36, and then some other number would be the equivalent of that.

And I kept building on that. At one point, I was doing it inside. But then, before I woke up, I couldn’t do it anymore. And I even woke up still reverbing around trying to figure out how to put the thread of that together. 

What I was trying to do was establish an intertwined flow. I was able to identify one in my dream. As I started waking up, however, I wasn’t able to replicate the connection, or even rediscover it, or find it again. When I woke up, I had lost it. Try as I might, I couldn’t find the harmony, or balance. 

So what is going on is I’m trying to reestablish common threads of symmetry, from within, to contend with the balance, to heal what has gone asunder during the day-to-day herky-jerky mannerisms that take and skewer the heart, and discombobulates energetic alignment. 

And one has to be careful not to be attached to even that, because people have their idea of what that is; in other words, people hear certain things. You have to have adabs up to a point, and then you have to know how to throw them out the window, or otherwise you’re choked by your adabs. 

The meditation dream portrayed an unfoldment, from within, that I am given access to, while the sleep dream reflected a twisted condition in which the heart is not able to flow. So the net effect is that when you have a compressed and confused environment, you’ll find that it will always correspond to personality and emotional mannerisms that have lost continuity to any kind of inner cadence. And that is when going through the motions and possessiveness is accentuated. 

But if you don’t try to find a flow, and a quality in the flow, and you get caught in cycling and cycling and cycling in personality ways. So we’ve got the group split. We’ve got the split between those that are still holding on to personality real hard. Those who are letting go of certain vestige mannerisms, over-accentuation of the feminine, you have this and the rug’s been pulled out from under in which there is a requirement of that to be realigned – and it hasn’t been realigned yet. 

How do you realign that? All of them being kind of motifs that spin, what’s going to break through all of that? Nothing has been figured out. It’s baffling; you lose all sense of semblance of everything and anything. In that crunched denseness the one thing that comes clear is how one spins in degrees outside of that, but they’re just degrees outside of it.

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