On the Vine

If we consider the Big Bang, we can imagine everything flying apart in every direction. Yet it all began from a single source, and, in some way, it all wants to return to that source. How does it accomplish that? Perhaps by reaching new connections throughout the universe, like a vine that feeds the growth everywhere. Humans, because we have freedom of choice, don’t have to reconnect in their lifetime even though the possibility is there. We must choose to make ourselves a part of the everything that is unfolding. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so, in my dream, the repeat part is going to a campus, or going to classes, and suddenly, from one o’clock on, I can’t remember what classes I’m taking and where they’re at. I know I have one o’clock classes, but they’re on the other side of the university and stuff like that. I’m not sure of the timing, what days, in other words, or even the whereabouts over there. 

So that’s kind of the premise. And so I’m on the other side of the university, staying in a dorm, and I go down to the cafeteria, or the place where you always go down to eat, whatever you call that. And, in this place, there’s something like a tube-like vine; initially I must have thought it was kind of neat, or something like that, or something I’d like to have, so I cut it, and didn’t think anything of it, and there was no reason to think anything of it at the time, because it didn’t matter to me, it didn’t matter at all. I didn’t know any different. 

And then, on another day, I’m in there and there’s this vine that hangs down, much like a rope hanging down; it’s a tube-like vine, it almost has like a hollow in the center. And I looked at this, and I think, you know, I could work and redesign this area so that I can have a table that would always be underneath this vine. And I can always sit there, and won’t have to scramble around for whatever might be available, which may cause me to have to be this way or that way. This way I can control, or have a consistency. 

So I get out my scissors again, because that’s how I cut it the first time. Even I’m a little appalled how much these scissors stand out and look, only this time I’m aware of other people watching me. And they’re almost aghast before I’ve done anything. So the aghast vibe is in the air. And before it was done out of sight and out of mind of everything, nothing in the world was aware of it. 

So I reached up and I cut the vine as high as I could reach. And people were in shock. And the vine bled, and it dropped something like a liquid, or the fact that it bled, or was alive, instead of me thinking it was just like a rope or something you can cut. And there was no denying that, so I wrapped it up and got the heck out of there. 

But then I realized I could never go back; from what I had done, I could never go back. So I figured, well, maybe it’s just as well. There are dorms and a place to eat on the other side of campus. And that’s where the classes are starting after one o’clock, anyway. So I guess that’s where I’ll go, that way I don’t have to face what was done. 

But then, deep, deep, deep down, just like this is a little bit different in your dream now, where you actually took and built, or went into what you constructed and had a small place there. Deep down, I always felt that I could take this rope that I’d cut, tie it back to the vine up above, knot it together – it’s still going to be dead. And it would hang down, and somehow or another that effect could facilitate me then eventually being able to do what I always wanted to do, and that is have a table right underneath that where I could go to. But I’d have to give it a long, long, long time because the remorse, and the cringe, and the whole thing had to be forgotten. 

But, in my dream, I never got to the point where it could be forgotten. It was like I’m resigned and having to do another kind of amnesia, in regards to the other side. From one side to the other; in other words, constantly flipping and flopping about in something that doesn’t quite intertwine.

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