More of the World

A spiritual journey is no longer about being removed from the world, or living on a mountain top. It is about rolling up one’s sleeves and bringing light into the darker areas and aspects of life. For example, to find an elevated way to resolve an argument, or to forgive rather than lash out when we are hurt. It is this kind of inner alignment practice that can ground our beliefs into our daily lives, from where it then can radiate out into the world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the sleep dream there are two distinct areas in the dream. So, in this one area, which is an area that I can observe that’s in the distance, but I don’t want to go there, and stay there, and be there. I have an idea how things should be.

Everything there is a mess. The conditions that the people live under are unsanitary, the water’s dirty, they sleep in unsavory conditions, they have poor manners, no sophistication. And these people are separate from me because I’m in another area. And where I’m at, I have all the luxuries a person could want. Everything is copacetic. Except for one thing, it’s almost like it’s too comfortable; I’m a slave to my well being. 

So to step out from my well being, which is like too blase or something, you can’t sit in this well being, to do so I venture to where these down-and-out, filthy low-lifes reside. That’s what I have to do to step out. And these people have just one thing that I don’t have: they have been all over the world. They are on all different kinds of levels of being; I’ve got things refined in a kind of a purity or something. 

By comparison, I’m from a place where everything is pristine. In other words, things have gotten defined in their quality of the way it’s put together. 

So that leads to the recognition of the importance of manifestation. To experience more of the world, and to reside on other levels, because there were other levels, to know what it is like to live all over the place I am drawn into manifestation. This is where the spice of life in all its myriad ways is accentuated. 

If I look at this life with prissy eyes, because I see myself as having it so good, and reside where conditions couldn’t get much better, the tendency is to be too isolated, or to feel proud and special, above what is really going on. But that’s not what it’s about. And so I don’t. I move about for greater diversity. And where there is no diversity, the circumstances evolve to a point where they get to where things are unbearable; you need to have the diversity even though that is unbearable because of your setness and your aloneness. 

So when you consider the diversity of things unbearable, you don’t take any risk. You live in a defined world. But if you come to recognize that you can’t sit in the pristineness of things, because there is nothing valid there, it gets nauseating. You choose to come to this place as a means to become more rounded with understanding and heartfulness. And if I can come to embrace these conditions, rather than cringe all the time, I will come to appreciate what it’s like, you know, what is real in life, and not the unfortunate way of life that I think that it is – and therefore do not know the difference.

By that I mean I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t have what those in a morbid outer world have, that is, freedom to strive to get out of the way to a better life within, and freedom to flip-flop about from experiences to experiences, and at all levels of beingness. In other words, one can become too purified in their aloneness – and they don’t have that. 

And so by the fact that I’ve isolated from that, I’ve gotten ungrounded and long for more of that to be found in a lower self in need of redemption. In this area, and way of life, I learn humility, compassion, gratitude, humbleness and other wonderful traits needed to complete the journey of the soul.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: More of the World

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