Take It All In

Spirituality and religion are many things, but they can be understood as being part of the category of personal development. Why? Because we aren’t trying to change the world as much as we are trying to change the way we experience the world, the way we process it, and the way we see it. Then, when we have found the inner strength of our beliefs, the world won’t change us in every little event or situation, but we, in our deeper alignments, can begin to have a healing affect on the outer world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In this next dream, I arrive by bus along with my brother to a place that feels, or has the sensation, of having come home. Because we are slow in gathering up our luggage, especially me, we fail to get off the bus before it takes off again. 

The bus travels for an hour, or maybe a little more than an hour, and it goes over a mountain pass to a place I’ve never experienced before. The place looks interesting, but this shouldn’t have happened. This bus, in coming to this place, is slated to pick up the passengers here and then return back to my original town. And it’s going to leave right away again. 

So I ask Mark, what should we do? He shrugs his shoulders: I don’t know. He leaves it to me. And so I’m sitting here wondering, okay, I’ve never been to this town, it might be nice to walk around in this town and see if we could catch a later bus and come back that evening or something. And I’m told this is the only bus today that gets me back. 

So this creates a predicament. Well, I ponder, what is it that I have to do? Well, it’s in the middle of the week, and there isn’t anything I absolutely have to do. So I say, let’s spend the night here and look around. And the bus driver is surprised. And I ask what the name of this place is. I’m told the town is named Blessings. 

The meaning is, exposure and experiences are what the outer life offers to a sojourner. If I am to be here, I might as well take it all in. To remain isolated is to cut myself off from life. Protecting myself from obstacles and outer conditions that are discombobulating, acting like this is all impure and the way I am, in isolation, is the way to be is what the last dream was about. 

And I realized in that dream that to not take in all that is here, on all levels, even if miserable, is to remain isolated in a stale way – no matter how pure I tell myself it is. In other words, it’s only miserable because one has been too isolated. It’s not miserable if you let yourself go. 

So in this dream, by letting go and letting fate guide me as it will, I come to experience the wonders and wonderfulness of all there is here. You can’t do that if you act like every little thing is going to wear you out or tear you down. So I may not appreciate it, if I am set in my ways, so I have to learn to let go to the flow wherever it takes me, and however it seems. The ideas of good and bad, safe or sorry, need to fall away from such a vocabulary way of being.

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