An Etheric Wind

We are energy, we process energy, and energy should flow through us. This is the nature of a living experience. It is when energies get stuck, and don’t flow properly through us, or, said another way, aren’t processed fully, that we begin to have issues. These issues can be psychologies, or health problems, or defense mechanisms. This takes us away from our natural state of flow with things. To help with this, at night we dream. Our dreams enable a deeper processing of stuck vibrations. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I think I just dreamt about kind of integrating lessons with a new Tai Chi teacher, because it felt like I was going from one city to another to visit this teacher. Sometimes I was wearing this white, it was kind of like a Tai Chi outfit, and sometimes I was wearing a blue one. 

And sometimes it felt like I was sending my daughter, and sometimes I was going. And I was going back and forth from one city to the other to study with him. And that was about all I really dreamt about.

John: The theme of the dreaming had to do with archetypal forces, only the looking at the archetypal of forces was all over the place, meaning that it was based upon vibrations. 

And, ordinarily, one concludes archetypal forces as certain things that you contend with trying to overcome, or to not be under the ploy of their lower-self influences, and to transform, somehow, with focus and attention, to something that has a more pristine flow. 

However, whether you call it archetypal forces or Kundalini energy, all of this is one of two things: it’s either embedded in our molecular nature, or it flows through us. And the thing of it is, it’s hard to determine which it is. And so when you have images of yourself, in regards to a flow, you are perhaps affected by that flow as part of an unfoldment, in terms of your personality nature, that is either of a molecular quality, or as something that comes through you. 

And a lot of this has to do with above and below. If you were speaking of it in a below way, it would be in a condensed contracted molecular way. If you’re speaking of it in an above way, it would be in a quality of the free-flow of your soul, which then has to reduce its experiences to images that have a molecular symbolism, or that you symbolize molecularly. 

So when you’re affected by things, and then you dream about them, and you see yourself being this way, or that way, what you’re actually doing is you’re going into the depths of a vibrational flow on kind of a soul level and a physical molecular level. And so, on the soul level, you can see something opening up, expansive. On a molecular level, you can see something being caught up with that is like a rising up from within. 

And, whatever you see, it’s just vibrations; this is a way of just seeing vibrations. And it’s like the vibrations flow through almost as if they are like a type of etheric wind. And so when you’re in the expanse of the macrocosm, the vibrations come across very very expansively, and there is a quality to that. And what you’re doing is you’re catching up with soul, you’re in the soul, you’re letting go of things. 

But to the degree to which you have to come back and rendition that into the physical is when you then formulate images that correspond to the best of what you can do to a psychic inflection that has to do with your molecular makeup. So Tai Chi is something that gets into the etheric wind. And then the effect of that, it can be experienced, then, in terms of the quality of something that’s contractive in regards to the physical.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: An Etheric Wind

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