Lens of the Heart

Our dreams can provide a type of mirror to show us what we are processing on an inner life level. Yet our dreams can’t change anything, they can only bring us greater consciousness about what is at play. It is that greater consciousness, then, that enables us to process and transform the energies when we become aware of them and choose to elevate them or let them go. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: We seem to be playing this game in terms of working with a language in which you could say there’s the Kundalini energy, and then there’s the archetypal energy. And the archetypal energy is basically an energy in which you are caught under something that has an addictive effect, that controls the way you think and the way you act. And, basically, you’re kind of a victim to that orientation of personality and such on the archetypal plane.

And the Kundalini energy is spoken of as the raw energy that rises up, that takes in the archetypal energy, and is probably, you might as well say, the archetypal energy is, as well, except that with the word Kundalini you’re now also implying something that’s put into motion for transformative purposes. 

So when you can handle the Kundalini energy, you’re able to handle the vibrations such that you then refine the vibration so that it has a meaningfulness in a way that becomes more and more – with a focus and attention with regards to the heart – becomes more and more pinpointedly refined in terms of touching existence and all that there is in an intertwined way. 

It’s the refining of the Kundalini. The archetypal is considered something that plagues, you have to drop, and that you drop. And then, as you drop that, you tend to go to other vibratory things. And all of those are as vibrations that formulate images that cause thought patterns, that cause actions to have to occur in regards to a personality expression in the outer. All of that is something that is our dense nature, our dense quality nature, within the microcosm of personality and such orientation. We break free of that by taking the inflective energies that hit and knowing how to sit with them, and to hold them, and recognize something more rather than the knee jerk of that.

Because you can go inside yourself and just see image after image after image. And they all kind of have, in this kind of a world within, in a vibratory world, they all kind of go this way and that way, and this way and that way. And they’re really, really hard to tune in. They have some thread about them that holds a kind of continuity, but you don’t have a means to transform them like you do Kundalini raw energy; you don’t have a means to transform them. And so you’re kind of caught in whatever that motif is like.

But when you take something through that has affected you and touched you, perhaps first in a type of archetypal way within, in other words as a motif of your makeup – and there’s nothing wrong with the archetypes, they just have to be transformed – and you can’t transform them unless you bring them down into the Kundalini energy of the raw energy of things, or the molecular of your nature and you act upon them. You open those vibrations up, you run them through the lens of the heart, and can even see them as a quality of spirit energy. 

In this way, the descending of this sort of stuff that comes down through you like this, which has these vibrations and all this stuff that you can then transform, and through the lens of the heart take back to something more. Otherwise, you can flip-flop, and flip-flop, and flip-flop and not reach the one mind, and have this thought and that thought and go this way and that way. And, just like there’s never enough an accumulation, there’s never enough in terms of being able to process anything through, you have to take the vibrations and attune it. 

In other words, the heart and the Kundalini energy transform, create the lens to something that is in the vibratory overallness, that is too much to sort out, and more or less overpowers with its effect. 

So the raw Kundalini energy per se is also etheric. It also is like a spirit energy wind that blows through you, but it needs an attunement. And it gets the attunement through the lens of the heart, calling it now Kundalini energy, taking the Kundalini energy and making it more pristine. So that’s why when you take and you try to talk about spirituality, and try to talk about the angelic world, and then you try to say that you got to go beyond the angelic world, and that there are higher and higher vibrations on the angelic world plane, you’re talking about energetics. You’re talking about an energetic that one has to let go of.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Lens of the Heart

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