Don’t Bite

When we think about temptation, we may immediately think of food or sex as the object of allure. But our old habits and patterns also have a similar urge to them, because we have associated some comfort, or reward, or safety to them. When we are moved away from our centeredness, by anything – anger, sadness, fear – we have again “fallen” for the lure of something that’s not healthy for us, or for our journey. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in this next little sleep dream, our waitress races by with a bunch of pies. It’s like you know, you have your pie tray to show all the different kinds of pies, and I stop her. She thinks I want a sample bite to see if it’s what I want, as she’s there to offer me a taste of a pie. 

Meaning: this is about contending yet with the way vibratory vibrations rush out and grab our attention. We don’t have to bite each time. And, if we don’t, then it just rolls; the vibrations just roll, just like thought patterns roll until you tune it, attune it. 

And then, in the next one, I hear a statement: it is not a festival, it is a vestible. What this means is things happen that draw our attention in one of two ways. If I buy into the activity as something that commands my attention and involvement, it is a festival. If it touches the heart in a meaningful and deeply intertwined way, it is a vestible., i.e., a sacrament of soul. 

Everything in the macro soul inner is of vestible focus. And, in the micro, when cut off from the macro awareness, is a festival demeanor. 

In the next one, I think it’s the last one, I view energetics that affect me in a way that is overtly disruptive as an archetype force that has me under its clutches. 

A human being flows in the etheric wind, and is affected by all kinds of vibrations. My dreams are like that, in that whatever the theme or unfoldment is there is an energetic the correlates. It could be temporal, or an aspect of my greater beingness. It can be expansive or contractive. For example, in my dream, I have two keys, one key opens the door, the other opens a contractive vibration. 

The key to the contractive vibration doesn’t mean that what unfolds is bad, the situation is just a choice. In the dream, I settled for a contraction, and so a woman provides me with the $6000 that I need to break out of the contraction, or confinement, and that is what stretches me back expansively. But in the expanse I tend to lose focus, I almost forgot I need to pay her back. 

In pointing out these feathery images, I am shown that my attention goes this way, and that, as I am affected by an inner into outer free-flow. You could call this Kundalini energy subjected to a focus and attention, or you could say it is an energetic in my nature, or an energetic that is flowing through me that is being aligned to a heart-depth attunement, which conforms the archetypal mannerisms, it conforms them, to the lens of the soul. 

So as I let go and lay back, there is the traveling inner sensation that is a world within an energetic flow. And as I come back to the microcosm, I carry an echo of its vibration in terms of memorable images that correspond psychically to the various inner vibrations. So that’s all we are, is just kind of like we’re an overall energetic that somehow figured out how to be a cell, too, that free flows.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Don’t Bite

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