An Abiding Connection

Why does it seem that the world doesn’t make sense? Perhaps it is because we are not truly connected to it, and therefore we’re not being a part of the energetic fabric and flow where all the information resides. This disconnection is the subject behind this dream imagery, where the dreamer has the whole of her life, family and young baby, strapped into a cart to flee the crumbling situation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just have some glimpses from my dreams that don’t make that much sense to me. In one part of a dream, I’ve gone down this kind of dusty road. And I have a cart with about three benches in it, and a horse that pulls it, and I’ve turned it around. 

And there’s a lot of people around and I go and get my family, and I put them in the cart and get them there, kind of turn them around from the way they were getting and get them to get in the cart because I noticed that along the side of the road that they’re walking on, I can see that it’s almost like fire’s going to start coming out from the earth. And I can tell that part of the earth is just gonna start crumbling, or blow up, or something. So I want to get them out of there. 

And I get them all in the cart and they have a baby, and a backboard of some kind that they’ve strapped on the very back of the cart. And I tell them, that really doesn’t work, that’s not where you put the baby. And I get the baby and put it someplace else in the cart they’re all riding in. And then we’re kind of riding off in the opposite direction of where things are falling apart. That was one thing I remembered.

John: The theme of the dreaming last night had to do with a permeating vibration that exuded over all of the dreaming, all of the dreams. That vibration is an abiding, it’s an abiding energetic that makes existence palpable. 

Without that, with just going through the mundane in life, and that not permeating as an essence in terms of everything that you do in life, as a vibration, often associated with the vibration behind the dzikir, the reality you’re going to have is that everything is falling apart, everything is unreal, everything is unsustainable, everything is cracking up, and that there’s no way of having your feet on the ground

And so you have to hope that you are carried, or transported. The teacher actually does that with the student, in that the teacher communicates this quality that comes across and touches, and awakens, what is called the love in the student’s heart. The awakening of that enables the recognition in the micro of the spirit energy of the macro soul. And, in this way, the inner and the outer can come together. 

Without this connection of soul to matter, based upon the Holy Spirit descending into the micro, you function in a deviated capacity, in which you go through things in a herky jerky way that’s probably best described as personality, and emotion and such. 

And so what you’re talking about is this overriding abiding vibration. It is something that you experience in a palpable way. And you experience it without there being any thought behind it. That’s what makes doing the dzikir close to impossible, because those who do the dzikir, do the dzikir in accordance with what is prescribed. And, somehow or another, you have to leap beyond that and hit the dzikir in terms of the vibratory overallness, as a quality of etheric presence. 

The idea of presence is kind of a feminine characteristic in manifestation. The spirit energy, per se, coming down, is a masculine-quality trait. You could say that the spirit energy is associated with the seed thought of life, it descends down into manifestation. It is the active force that links the inner and the outer, and the above and the below. 

And the presence of that is the groundedness, the rootedness, in matter, in the physical of this connection that goes into the embedded matter of all that there is. And so what you were dreaming, was you were dreaming the recognition that to be off the ground, to have to be carried yet in some capacity, because you don’t have the continuity of what’s essential to be with your feet on the ground, is an image which depicts that there is something awry with the abiding connection that needs to be permeating all things

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