Reaching for It

Testing, one, two, three. The universe is always testing us to see if we are ready for the next thing that is possible for us. It could come in the form of a new, high-paying job offer just when we’ve decided to prioritize our spiritual journey in some way. Or it could manifest as a sudden barrier in the way of a relationship that wants to make the next step. The brilliance of energetic processes is that they connect with energies of equal frequency, so first they want to try us out to see if we can hold that vibration before they gift us with their enhancement. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had another dream, in which there seem to be two things going on. One is I was going to a class at a school, where we met in small groups. And there’s an exam coming up. But I realize that the exam is going to be in Spanish, and that the text is much more complicated than I realized to understand it and take the exam in Spanish. 

So I’m kind of skipping class and going somewhere, because I’m not sure about taking the exam when it’s going to be that much more complex in terms of the amount of Spanish that I understand. But also there’s some other situation I’m trying to handle. 

And whatever it is that I’m trying to suss out, I have a friend who is trying to figure it out, too. And they’ve actually got themselves admitted to this expensive, very nice kind of luxury hospital where you really don’t have to be sick to be admitted. And so I get myself admitted, as well, so I can check out with my friend if they’ve discovered what’s going on. 

So, fortunately, we don’t have to get that much treatment at this hospital, because it’s more like a retreat for people. But I know that means your insurance company doesn’t cover it, either. I figure I can even fake a reason for being in there so I can communicate with my friend and we can figure out what’s going on. 

So I kind of have to make up excuses if somebody comes and wants a reason why I’m there, so that then I can get the freedom to move around and visit with my friend and see if she has figured out what the problem is that we’re both working on, that seems to be this large thing. Anyway, that was my last dream. 

John: So the dream has a lower-self and a higher-self quality to it. The lower-self quality is being able to see the thread within the thread, in other words, to be able to take a test in Spanish. 

In other words,it’s the same test whether you take it directly, in terms of something that comes all the way through, or whether you have to take it symbolically, or in a peek-a-boo fashion, in other words, through the Spanish of it all, or through the Greek of it, which is kind of like the bewilderment of a human being in the physical, in that there is this essence of something so much more that is considered the higher-self, and that it has to come through the Greek of our nature, or the Spanish of our nature. 

We’d like to think that it can be literally in English, and that leads to the higher self of the dreaming, in which now you’re in a school of education. The hospital is where you’re being healed. You’re actually healed in both areas. But you don’t kind of know that yet, because you’re overwhelmed in the outer by the fact that you’re not willing to go through the commotion of the outer. In a way, it has to be in English, it has to be straightforward. No one gets the hint of between the lines of how the energetic is always permeating into manifestation. It’s always an inner coming into the outer.

So you go from the classroom to the hospital. Now the hospital is like trying to fix what’s haywire over the fact that you’re not acknowledging, and recognizing, and accepting, and abiding in the way that the process is intended to open up. And so in the hospital, it’s a repeat, too. In other words, you could say that rather than calling it a lower self and a higher self, because you have the education, and the outer is the education department, and then you have the hospital, which is the healing department. And that the thing that the two have in common is that they’re both trying to find the thread.

You’re looking at something in the hospital that is going to be meaningful for you, in terms of enabling you to function better, something that you’re missing in the hospital, perhaps you can investigatively find. But is that any different than in taking the test? You want to get it in English, it’s in Spanish, so you throw up your hands because you feel it it’s not going to be as straightforward if it has to be in Spanish because you don’t have the acuity that you would have in English, yet you have to pull it through based upon the etheric quality of the vibration.

You have to pull it through. You can know it that way. You have to pull it through that way. That’s what makes it literal, not the English. The English doesn’t make it literal, you just kind of c’est la vie things. You have to pull it through from somewhere else. You have to reach for it and pull it down and through. 

And in the hospital you’re going into the healing ward to do the same thing. So, you have to look at it in terms of the theme of things, this dream is related to your prior dream in that they are both trying to speak about something else, something more.

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