Facing the World

Of course there is the saying: Ignorance is bliss. And, yes, it is a burden to have awakened to our greater purpose – and to experience the greater consciousness that such a journey requires. And many aspects of the current world will seem to try to lull us back to sleep. But to be awakened is to have an opportunity to become a useful part of the world and its greater unfolding, which can also be felt and understood as what it means to truly belong. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So I’ll read the last thing first. In the dreams last night, there was an abiding auric presence that predominated. This etheric vibratory thread – the thread within the thread – is what the energetic behind the dzikir is about. 

To have this permeate the dreams as a presence was like a dream within the dreams, in that this vibration revolutionizes everything; it goes into matter, whatever it touches between above and below. Adhering to this is what makes life the outer palpable. The vibratoriness of the Holy Spirit descending into manifestation is what supports the micro and links the micro-soul (matter) to the world-soul. 

So that’s the essence of it all, behind it all, going on, as I then have various dreams. I didn’t think I was going to have much last night because, when I came out of it, my meditation dream was short. 

In the meditation dream, I am confronted with not having an awareness to take what is going on. To have such capacity, and to be attentive like that, is a credit to a present awareness I embody. 

To be more asleep is to be more cut off in my demeanor, in that I am not as readily affected by what goes on around me. To have an attention span that is more limited veils from having to take in a greater overall consciousness. 

I was also noticing, in my dream, a kind of relief that existed when one is dumbed-down, in other words, when one doesn’t have this overallness or abiding, or this some otherness or something, so you’re considered dumbed-down.

It’s easy to look at this as lower self and higher self now, because when you’re in a certain checked out from things you do not perceive in a capacity that is confronting. In other words, confronting meaning having a kind of responsibility as a type of abiding in the whole.  

This way, meaning the lower-self way, of amnesically being is a lot like a blessing in disguise, in that you do not have to face the world in the way a conscious person must because you go about in life in kind of a veiled daze. 

So, why am I shown this? I am shown this greater regard as being something I must maintain because this isn’t readily discernible by those who remain veiled in terms of their personal well being. In other words, taking things in, in terms of personal well being.

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