Essence Meaning

When we injure ourselves, or have any type of surgery or health issue, we may feel, many months later, that we have returned to our prior state of well being. But everything leaves it mark on us: whether a physical scar, an energetic wound, or a psychological print. Somewhere in our future that mark will come back into play when something of a similar nature or frequency happens to us, like a knee that aches in the rain. Upon each arising, we have an opportunity to recognize it, let it go, and allow some healing to take place. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So this rite of passage continues into the next dream, where I am suddenly aware that I am going through what I take to be a shakedown. I’m being patted down as if I am concealing something, like you’re in a security area, as if I have weapons, or that’s what I’m thinking is going on here. 

Because at the end, the person feels around my neck and throat cavity, in other words, being as thorough as you could possibly imagine, is how I’m taking it. I’m still repulsed by what I feel is an unwarranted intrusion. 

Then, all of a sudden, the doctor, which I don’t quite realize he’s a doctor yet, points out that I have a flap, a spot, a little thing hanging down that he is able to detect, that is different on my left side of my neck under the jaw, and says it is from the surgeries. When I ask questions, he says that a tube was inserted that I didn’t know about, but sometimes this happens, because the tube then dissolves, and you’re never aware of it when you wake up. In other words, it falls away or something or dissolves at the end of the surgery. He then walks away. 

But, of course, he said this, and I still don’t know what to make of what he just told me because I still don’t get it. Even though I described him as a doctor, I still don’t know that yet in this dream. But I quickly find out because, as he walks away from where I’m at, wondering what is going on, he passes a nurse who calls him by name, and refers to him as Dr. so-and-so, to which now I get it. And I am surprised. 

He wasn’t wearing any special clothes, he was just wearing street clothes. Other doctors were there, but he’s like something different and special. He doesn’t wear their attire, he’s just ordinary. 

And the meaning is, I am being worked on on both sides. In the first dream it is from the densities of the day-to-day workflow of life. That is, before I had paid a price and was allowed to journey home. 

And, in this dream, I’m put through a special process that I don’t remember anymore, that had roots in the outer and a psychic infusion within, simultaneously. And this gets seen for what it is and was, the roots of the outer, in other words, the fact that there were the memories of something that occurred that affected part of the body. And then there’s the psychic infusion within that’s behind it all, that’s the essence meaning, and it is seen for what it is/was as the inner examination.

In other words, now I’m seeing it as an inner examination, seeing it from the other side now. The first dream was a rite of passage from outer to inner. The dream was a connectiveness rite of passage seen from within.

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