Using Danger

Chase dreams can often be the most disturbing type of dream imagery, so much so that we can wake up in a sweat and get that feeling of tremendous relief that whatever the scenario was, it wasn’t real. Yet they are useful to us because they are showing that we are at an impasse inside, where the desire to get to the next possibility is meeting with inner aspects of us that don’t want to go there, or don’t want to accept it. But we can learn to understand the danger in our dreams, and realize that the chase is about finding a connection and a flow, rather than getting away from anything. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I know I dreamt a lot last night, but I didn’t really pull them out. And the sensation I had was almost like one of being chased, or chasing, moving around; but I couldn’t pull out the details. 

John: Well, it should work the opposite of that, unless you’re catching up with the principle, this way, of using danger to kill, which is a very advanced understanding.

In other words, we go about reacting about this and reacting about that, and we’re meant to use that as a means to obliterate – learning from that how to let go of patterns in our nature that just keep on plaguing us and plaguing us. Ideally, what’s behind that is the catching up with a cadence, or rhythm, that you naturally feel and carry. 

When you’re not carrying that, and you’re somehow scoping out or reacting about something, that’s when you bring up these images of being chased, or pursued, or qualities in which something is coming at you that you’re not letting go off. 

What I was seeing in this is, whenever I saw a kind of cringing or tightening up inside, it was in relationship to a mannerism that somehow or another has a possessory way, in terms of getting a hold of my personality and emotion reaction. And instead of getting caught there over and over and over again, that’s the meaning behind learning to use danger to kill. In other words, to recognize the danger and realize that it kills, it kills the quality of a cadence that is meant to be there in its natural way, as opposed to the constant chasing in terms of trying to find it, the cadence, that is. 

That’s the reason why we do everything because we’re seeking that. We’re searching but we don’t know where to look. And when you have a chase scene, that’s the same thing, is that you’re being haunted by something that’s out of twang with what it is that you know has to be a cadence. But you’re not quite tuning into the cadence, you’re getting affected by this other. And thus, the way you’re carrying your energy is causing the sensation of being chased. 

It’s a particular vibration, just like cadence is a quality of holding an auric field in one’s nature, so that, as you go through life, you function in a way that affects and touches the world around you, as opposed to things that still have life lessons to learn hitting you over, and over, and over again in a personality emotion way.

It’s still on theme of recognizing what soul to matter is all about. And it’s not about personality and emotion, reacting to things, thus the deeper thought using danger to kill. Danger kills, it kills the cadence.

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