The Atmosphere of Life

Sometimes we want a place to make us like it is, for example when we go to a setting in nature that we love. There we can let go of the woes of civilization and feel human again. Other times, we carry the centered calm ecology within us, and we can bring that into any external situation we may visit. With consciousness, this becomes the process of energetic ebb and flow, so we are always closer to a state of equilibrium. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the meditation dream, I’m looking for a balance in the environment that I’m in. That environment, that I see myself in, it’s like an outdoor lawn area, kind of a park-like setting. When people go to a park, they go there to try to recreate, or to relax, or to let go, be at ease.

So I’m with others, basically the others are just there, and I’m trying to relax on a lawn, and just take in the atmosphere that is a park. There are all kinds of people around, and among things that are going on there may have been someone that gave a little talk while I was out there, not that I paid a whole lot of attention to it, but it was just part of the atmosphere.

 And then there was another person who was sensitive to the ecology of the place, in terms of how it was maintained with its demeanor. As examples, what we were listening to, or I should say, while there was someone talking, at the same time there’s other activities going on and a chunk of sod was put in where the lawn needed repair. It didn’t quite fit with the rest of the lawn because that sod didn’t match up with the lawn. 

So while the talk that I wasn’t interested in continued, I dug up the sod that was placed in an irregular way, and cleared the area better, and put it down so that it fit right in. A Native American Indian observing this admired the attentiveness.

Later, as everyone left, I found myself to be so at ease in this place that I was the last to go. I got so content with the place that when I left I nearly forgot a large book that a woman had given me to read. So I turned around; in other words, not yet able to just leave everything behind, I turned around, went back and picked it up. 

But, at the same time, if I’m going to carry this book, I also carried with me, or gathered to myself, something else. In other words, some etheric quality or cadence that was part of the letting go that this place had stimulated. The intangible value of going to a park and truly letting go, or doing something where you truly let go. And it is that thing which made such an environment where one relaxes in a wonderful place to enjoy.

And, within that, when everyone got up I noticed that there was something missing about the park, even as I was the last to go, and I realized that I didn’t necessarily relate to anyone particularly, it was like a type of hangout camaraderie that made the place special and memorable. In other words, it added something. The quality of the way people were in the park added something; it’s what made the park, per se, a park. And the care I extended to support the park as being a special place when we were there together was also something that was a giving back. 

So the meaning is, this is a dream in which I honor what is sacred in an inner vibratory way. I have learned to do this in a common park setting, or in the regular atmosphere of life where people are how they are, doing what they’re doing, hanging out. Behind all of that is a falling away that one needs to relax into to find and access a greater cadence. 

I’ve come to learn how to receive and how to give back in and to such a setting. I am embracing the art of letting go as I carry an invariable vibrational essence with me as a memorable, intangible, energetic, and which I continuously embrace within who, what, and where I have been. I pick up after myself, take what is given to me to honor and protect, and to the best of my natural nature agree to constantly and ceaselessly honor and cherish life.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: The Atmosphere of Life

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