A Bit of Advice

What are we truly seeking? We could give the goal of our journey many names, it might be enlightenment, or it might be nirvana, or consciousness, but the names are not important. What we are really trying to do is to become a fully functioning part of what is unfolding in the present moment. We will never, as a human being, find this complete integration, but it is an important step to be with it, then we can grow as it grows. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I have a dilemma, even in my dreams as well as in my meditations these days, in that everything is getting more and more… it’s not like there’s a storyline that holds itself with a distinct congruity because things are becoming more and more expansive. And, when one is afflicted by things, and can pull out the dense dreams because there’s something behind that that’s trying to power its way through, you can have a distinct storyline coming out. Otherwise, it comes across in a wispier way. 

Generally, it’s not as wispy as it appears, it’s just that one has to come out of that space into the denseness of the physical, and write it up, and realize that there’s more to it when you ground it; it just needs a ground wire.

So my dreams, last night, were about an additive quality that I experience as I flow through life. I am told things, inside, about that. For example, I’m told that when a “B” is added at the end of the stock symbol, on publicly-traded company – this is something that’s not necessarily true, see it’s a symbolic, though – it signifies a particular quality to that company, or entity. So over and over again there was the sense of additives to my being. I would hear a ping that, if I had woken up, I could have documented symbolically. Something again going on, in terms of quality, because the attempt in life of a human being is to access what is there to be given, not to go off on their own tangential way and choke out the ability to even hear it. 

So inside I was hearing, a number of times, fine high-pitched pings. I hear things inside like this whenever I’m meant to snap up, and wake up, and write something up. Sometimes I pay attention to it, sometimes I don’t. 

A question is posed: why probe out if it takes me away from this inner cadence? Those who are still trying to probe out, it is this cadence they are seeking. In other words, they’re not necessarily seeking what they imagine that they’re seeking, they’re seeking this cadence. When it is experienced it is lived, not nuanced with this or that to challenge its existence. Eventually I’ll be able to carry this into life, but not until such permission is given through the inner vibratory order that is in cadence and symmetry with this cadence. 

When I denote that I am just not feeling it, with regard to an expression, I need to listen to and honor that sensation as this protects me from scoping out. I hear a statement of advice, within: kill with danger. What that means is when there is a foreboding in the mind, so to speak, it is denoting that I need to let go and flow, rather than struggle, if I am to redeem myself from a habitual afflictiveness that keeps me indulged.

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