A Watery Quality

We all are a multiplicity of things. We are affected and enhanced in certain ways by our astrology, we have strengths and weaknesses based upon whether we are earth, air, fire, or water elements, or whether we are fixed, mutable, or cardinal. None of these influences are beyond our conscious control, but they do effect our unconscious processes. The key is to neither indulge nor resist these innate tendencies, but to recognize them in ourselves and use them to our benefit when appropriate. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: As I dreamt this, I dreamt the fact that a groundedness is what is lacking in my nature. I have a sight there, but it is a little dense. And so it even had me, as I got up, it had me looking at the traits of Chisti and Naqshband. The Naqshband’s work more with the earth, Chistis work more with water. 

And in going through my meditation dreams, I was recognizing that I have tremendous insight along the lines of a flow of water, a watery quality, but I have issues – and the next closest thing that I have to tuning something in is the earth – but I can’t communicate the clarity from the earth like I can from water. But something that is dense, will affect that flow. And something that is airy and fiery will cause a kind of confusion, as well, in terms of holding it together. 

So I saw all of that in my dream. So what I did differently than you is I dreamt about, well, I did the same thing as you did in terms of taking the element that I’m working most directly with and drilled down on it. And in your case, you’re drilling down on the earth element. I drilled down on the water element and was shocked that it was the water element. It kind of came out as a surprise to me, and I would have never guessed this, for some reason. 

And then, of course, I do have a trine in the water signs and stuff, so something is developed there. And the Chisti path is a water path, just like the Naqshbandi is an earth path. Even though my nature is air that flies off, the key, though, to my lightbulb moments of insight and a knowingness that is natural is water. And you’re recognizing that you hold a quality of a presence about things through the earth. 

And maybe that’s why you’re doing the Tai Chi and all of that sort of stuff, and trying to look at what it is that you work with, in terms of how your molecular nature comes together best. You have to pull it down and through in order to hold the groundwire presence. Because the Earth is like a groundwire, when it comes to the quality of something above. You could say that that might have something to do with the fact that there’s always the magnetism and then there is the atmosphere, and then there’s the quality of something that keeps the atmosphere in place so that it doesn’t get overly radiated by things. 

And so you have the ideal setup for expansion and contraction to work within bounds with the earth and the air heavens. And you pull in that which is expansive and beyond yourself through the grounding of the earth. It’s a trait that I can recognize as a density, and have a knowingness, but it’s not something I can readily communicate. I communicate my insight about things through water; I had no idea about that.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: A Watery Quality

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