A Way of Seeing

Why would the universe make us all unique? Perhaps because it wants everything to have its fullest expression. If only one person makes all the meals, then the menu will get boring in time – no matter how good a cook the person is. Our uniqueness and diversity allow millions of expressions of the same things to happen, and each time something is added, changed, or evolved. But nothing is lost, because once a thing has been done, it exists in the universe forever, always there to be connected to by another on the same frequency as was present in the original moment. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I’m finding myself in the dream group and we are in a carefree environment where we are able to accentuate our insights. The in-the-zone area is like a cross between inner and outer, and being like this makes it easier to point something out. In other words, something in-between.

I want to point two things out. The first is something that just is. The second has to do with what I see in terms of a woman in the group. In other words, that which just is is the earth, but I don’t know how to point that out. But the second, in terms of a woman in the group, in other words something that’s repressed about them in terms of a flow, I can point out. In other words, I could sort out something in which density gets in the way, where there’s a flow, and that’s water.

Because you have, basically, the below part of your nature, or the lower self of your nature, is earth and water. The higher parts of your nature, the parts that try to scope out to something more is fire that rises up, or floats outside of that, that need to be pulled in – that tend to get etheric, is your air and your fire. 

So this woman has no idea that I see an expansive consciousness about her veiled in the physical shell. My challenge is to communicate this to her with a vibration clarity that makes her able to recognize this for herself in a dense outer spaciality where things are bound up is not easy. 

What I have going for me, that facilitates the process, is I have properties that come into their own when there is more of a flow in the atmosphere. Not an air flow, necessarily, because I tend to race out; it has to be a water flow. The properties are easier to develop when they’re in a setting in which water exists, more so than the earth density. I know this from personal experience. 

For example, and then I see this in terms of going off on a side tangent, in other words, I can have oil wells. I can have these oil wells on land or in the water. Usually it’s really hard to drill oil wells in the water because you have to go down, down to a depth, you know, that you can’t hardly see and move around. But, in my particular case, those oil wells are easy for me, I have oil wells that are in the water and not on the land, and I’m able to develop such wells more easily. 

Similarly, when there is more of a water flow environment present, I’m able to bring out an insightful knowingness more easily than when the matter is bound up in and by an earthy physical density. 

This is what I discover as I look at a woman in the group and realize a whole other beingness about her. I also see something else in the group that I understand in an earthy way, but I do not know how to make that obvious so this stays bound up. 

Meaning is the dream is indicating that I have a way of seeing and communicating to others what they need to see in terms of what I see when I do so in a water flow way. What I see, that is more earthly dense, I am not able to touch or to espouse at this time, so it remains kind of hidden, kind of not quite brought through. I see it on another level, but I’m not able to awaken it in the outer. I have a ways to go to make that possible. 

However, what I am able to see and embrace in a water-element way is what the dream is saying I have a means of opening up. I’m still stifled when the density and prima materia of matter predominates and chokes off the flow. 

The dream does not support the air or fire element approach as my means of awakening a pent-up insightfulness, but when it is readily discernible as a restricted flow, like in a waterway, I am more directly connected to that element. This is a revelation I hadn’t noticed before. 

A deeper meaning is this explains why I vibratorily struggle in trying to bring an insight through when I am too airy. When an earthly density predominates I react to the contractiveness that occurs. I also cannot be too fiery because that is something I am not able to handle based upon the disruptiveness I do not manage dexterously.

However, when I slow down and recognize how the consciousness is veiled in a pent-up way, wanting to come out, I see it clearly as a quality that flows, and I can see how it flows within me – that’s how I can see how it flows without, outside. And that is when I access what is needed so that what is repressed can come out into the open. This is a water-element way that I have an access to as a consciousness flow.

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