A Personal Context

We understand the implications of “a watched pot never boils,” and we could also say that a life taken personally never flows. And that is because the flow of life is not our flow; we are designed to flow with the whole of things, not just tiny subsections, or our small areas, where we find ourselves in a given moment. We may feel the breeze on our face, but it is also a part of the jet stream and tides of the planet. When we make our world small, through a personal viewpoint, we disconnect from the greater possibility. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I had this dream and it felt like I was on a stakeout, and I was watching a road, one of those long, windy roads that kind of comes up a mountain with the long, sweeping views. And I was observing and waiting for something to happen. 

But it felt like no matter how much I tried, nothing ever happens. Everything seems like in slow motion. And when I make a move, or try to do something, nothing shifts. It’s like I try and try, but it feels like everything just stays at the same pace, and it doesn’t shift. 

So it kind of causes me a bit of a headache. I even think I get captured at one point, maybe by the bad guys. But even that doesn’t shift anything. It’s almost like I kept staying with it, and not wanting to wake up that much because I kept hoping I could do something that would finally shift it, but nothing shifted.

John: It definitely is images of nothing going on, where it’s just like everything that we do, all the energetic that one gets all worked up about, it’s all there to kind of create some sort of specter of action, or mannerism, that is as if something is actually taking place, but nothing is taking place. 

Whenever we look at anything in life, from the standpoint that we’re actually able to look at it, that we’re actually able to do something about it, that there’s actually something coming out of it all, or rising up, or coming down even. 

What this is, is it’s a dream about the personal, and that anything that you can look at, in any kind of personal context, even just observing something, even just wanting something to be in a particular way, there’s a personal involvement in that. It creates a huge dilemma from the standpoint of grounding. Because if you’re truly grounded, then you’re just part of the whole in terms of what’s going on. It’s when you’re off the ground in some capacity, and able to try to make note of this, or to make note of that, that there appears to be things going on. But when it’s grounded, it all comes together. 

That’s the deeper significance of what grounding is all about, is that when you’re truly grounded you find that you can’t really act in a capacity for yourself, you don’t really have any aces in the hole. When you’re able to sit on a, so to speak, stakeout, and observe things, you realize that there really isn’t anything going on. So what is there? There’s only the whole. And that it’s amidst people and others that something is actually in a cohesion, has a type of cohesion to it. It may not be the type of cohesion that you might want to see, or like to see, but there is a cohesion to it amidst others. 

The question is, to what degree are you amidst others? It all has to do with the atmosphere upon which you’re amidst others. And even that becomes a personality, if you’re not careful. In other words, you are the whole. That, then, is a little better than totally indulging in oneself, when one reaches a particular point that they can’t totally indulge in themselves and so they then take in a certain composite or group – and then that becomes their personality. 

And it’s like, where and how does this ever end? I mean, your personality can become the universe, I guess, or the planet. Well, the personality of all this stuff is not good. And yet, at the same time, we recognize that there’s something that is enhancing about the whole of all of that. But then when you take and you look at the whole of all of that, you can come to the point: and so what? And where does this go? In the end, how does this change anything? 

Because it’s not apparent when you try to look at it from a personal perspective. So you have this kind of conundrum, where, as a presence, you’re trying to cause something to take on a meaningfulness and you think that you have a role in that having a meaningfulness. There comes a point where you recognize that all of that has to do with a particular kind of definition, or modality, and if you change the modality all of it goes askew. And so you’re realizing and recognizing this in terms of yourself which is an exaggerated story of how it is in the outer.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: A Personal Context

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