Nothing But One

Like the seasons, we have inner processes of birth, growth, harvest and renewal. Each one is needed for a completeness, and each one contributes to the evolution and unfolding of life as it moves naturally forward. Without all of these processes, in their time, we run the risk of stagnation, barrenness, decay, and destruction. To be in a natural cadence is to fluidity move from state to state. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So I pulled the sleep dream out by first of all just waking up and just writing it directly, kind of what it meant, or what was being triculated. Then I figured, okay, I can do that, but then it’s not going to mean anything if I don’t put together the sleep content components. So I remembered them, and I wrote up as like a one through seven or something of unfoldment. 

So, in my sleep dream, what came out of more of coming together composite in the meditation dream of a grounding of water flow to the earth is more expression, and a more direct energetic relationship, to the corollary of fire and air. The fire energy had a need to be seen in its outrageousness, and was okay with just that. The air energy wanted to be contained, held, and was more sacrificially sensitive. 

Such a waking up in my being to earth water aspects that realize that if I get speeded up expansively by fire and air, a missing out of what is here in manifestation on the earth water plane can be a dilemma. 

So the meaning is I was shown in a prior dream, a few nights ago, that the water flow side of myself is the window I have into my soul and is my most accessible corridor. What realizing this has set in motion is a quest to look at how to relate to the other three elements. 

In the meditation dream, being more grounded to the earth element was the main precursor key. When that occurs, the fire and air elements that are more etheric and ordinarily reaching out more in an off the ground way, are able to come into recognition and acceptance. So without the grounding of the earth, a deprivation and self sacrifice short-circuited the process. 

The images of the dream are, one, I’m in a dining hall and a woman approaches me who wants to tell me a dream. Two, the dream she tells is acted out. I mean, she changes the octave of her voice, and goes into this and that in terms of her expressiveness, and the motion of her arms and everything, very dynamic because the expressiveness is both in the telling and in the dream. 

And, three, she is shocked when I proceed to interpret the dream. That isn’t what she was looking to have happen. She only wanted to tell the dream, to let it come out. Four, in interpreting the dream, the air quality blows us out of the dining room. The air quality fanned what was pent up in an outrageous fire element way. 

Five, to contain the dynamic in an earth way, and to ground the water element, I got her to return reluctantly to the dining hall. Six, the diversion which seemed to have been only a few minutes must have been longer as the early morning light is more apparent in the corridor, in terms of returning. And, in the dining hall, the breakfast food has the appearance of being more transient in that it is served at the banquet table in paper sacks, not in a serving tray way. And the paper sacks are mostly empty. 

So the deeper meaning is the full circle of the water fire and air to the earth element grounds, in a letting go way, dynamics to a come together of oneness. When this occurs, it is a letting go that leads to oneness – which kills all the ideas and illusions that there is anything at all going on except oneness.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Nothing But One

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