Going Off

Sometimes we just need a good talking to, and our dreams are more than happy to oblige. In this dream imagery we can see all the characters inside the dreamer: the inappropriate boor, the spiritually focused, the one who knows better, all coming together to have food, which symbolizes the energetic attention we give to all these inner aspects, thereby feeding them. We are all the characters in our dreams, and we can learn from them to be more conscious of feeding the parts we like best, and want to encourage, and discourage the parts we don’t want to bring forward in our life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My sleep dreams are very chaotic. I remembered the second one first, and then I go back and do the first one. In my dream, I bring my fast food chicken, etc, to a table, kind of like I come to the table, and rather than put it on the table, I set it down to the left side of me. It’s like in a sack, and then I want to eat it off the table. 

And you’re using the table as it’s meant to be used, you’re coming there with a full plate of food. And about the same time three women come by and one points at me as if I do not look right, as they then pass on by. And then there are those that are more like kids, and whatnot, and they come out of kind of another area, where the three women had gone into, and some of them even have veils on their face, like they’re of another culture. And they come up to various spots on the table and touch their head in a reverent prostration, then leave.

It’s the most peculiar thing I’ve ever seen, coming up and then tapping your head on a spot on the table. No one does it where I’m sitting, but no one hits the same spot. It’s like they are all hitting spots on the table, like an apparitional regard or something. 

A loud boisterous guy comes to the table and sits on the other side. And in order to facilitate his cantankerous way, he lifts the tablecloth, throwing himself this way, he lifts the tablecloth up in the air – you know, his antics are just out of control. What this does is it exposes me sitting there with nothing on. When I get him to settle down a bit, and it took a while it was hard to get him to look at what he was doing, I proceed to tell him that he is stupid and ignorant, almost as if it doesn’t get any more stupid or more ignorant, and I just pound away and go at him. 

And you who are sitting next to me, you actually turn your back to me. You’re now sitting on my right, and so it was kind of like I’m sitting at the table, he’s across, and then you’re to my right. And then you turn around and put your back to me, so you’re straddling one foot on one side by the table, one on the other, and you have your food in front of you. And then the food that I brought you placed out further down on like a bench area that one sits on.

I rant and rant at how out of it he is. When I finally settle down and look around for my food you pass me chicken that you’ve placed in front. In other words, you’re not going to eat at a table that’s like this. So you’ve got your food that was in a plate that had been on the table, you’ve got that down in front of you on the bench, because this cantankerousness at the table is just too much.

And then the chicken that I brought in, like Kentucky Fried Chicken or whatever it was, you’re passing back to me. I went off because I’d had it with the unconscious, loud, and out of place demeanor.

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