In Need of Rescue

The proper energetic food is just as important to our health as any physical food we put in our body. The universe has been called “the great eating” because everything is constantly getting energy from one thing while expending energy on another. And just like the freshest, most natural food is better for us than processed food with strange additives, what we focus on, what we think about, what we intend, and what we do are among the ways we create energetic connections to other aspects in life. We want to be getting our energetic food from the highest sources possible. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And then in a prior dream D. and L. are sitting in a corner booth at a restaurant. I ordered the food for all of us. I sit in a booth several booths away. I wait, and I wait. 

Just as I’m getting ready to react because the food isn’t coming, suddenly my name is called out. I go over to pick up the food I ordered, that is supposed to be for everyone. The food is in a large plastic baggy. There is one T-bone steak and condiments. The steak looks great, but where’s the rest of the food? And D. looks inside. Suddenly he comments: Boy, does that stink. 

I wake up wondering two things. One, where is D. and L.’s food? And two, what is it that stinks? The meaning is, in this dream, what D. and L. need is missing. They are subordinate, and that stinks. 

When the prior dream is taken into account, on something that is out of sync I go catatonic, because I am not willing to accept behavior, or mannerisms, that I see to be blindsided and unconscious. In other words, things have to come out of this condition, they can’t stay blindsided and unconscious. 

When this becomes embarrassing, I react in as dense and blunt a way that I can think of, which causes the world to turn away. When I decide to eat chicken, it is handed backwards to me. 

And then I fall into an answer dream, in which I engage in a process of retrieving what I need to have when deemed appropriate. I do not plan this, I just do this as the situation requires. 

The meaning of this is that what I have hanging out in this way needs to be rescued and redeemed, but that is not possible at this time. When it is, I will take this on in a spontaneous way. 

So I see what’s haywire and I draw the situation, but then when I come back and I glance back, I can look at the flow. And I realize that in the flow, everything was choked. It was completely choked; there wasn’t a darn thing that you could readily see. So the dream is sitting in need of something more to re address the thing so that it can have another go around because what got presented towards it pointed out the problem, identified that there was a problem, in terms of what was going on.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: In Need of Rescue

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