Rooted in Red

We may think that we are physical beings that operate on food and water, but we are, at a fundamental level, energetic beings that operate according to different patterns and laws that govern the energetic realms. One of these systems is the spectrum of colors of the rainbow, described by some through the chakra system, and we also have the energetic domains of masculine and feminine. Part of a journey is to connect with ourselves at these more fundamental levels, where the laws that govern our possibility are in operation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the dream, I’m in an office area that is being readied to serve a purpose. A couple of stripes have been placed, just like rainbow stripes, you know, it’s just like you’re painting the stripes on a wall. 

A couple of stripes have been placed, and a person who is in this space asks me to open a tube. It’s like a long tube, except it has paint in it. I guess, in some fashion, you use this to paint with, too, although I don’t see how that works. 

The tube I open is red. As I’m about to open another tube, because I don’t realize what he’s asking me to do; when he asked me to open a tube amongst all the tubes that are laying there, I’m actually picking some color. I don’t realize I’m picking a color, I just grab a tube at random. And I open it, thinking, who says when I stop? And I was about to open another tube. 

And he says, okay, I can work with that. And I say, what do you mean? Do you mean we are to put this color down, or this stripe down? And he says, yes. So he has already put a couple lighter stripes down, or in other words made an effort to do something, but something is missing, or something more is needed or something, and one doesn’t know what it is. And this is going to be quite a contrast to what has already been put down. 

And when he says he could work with that, and I realize we’re putting this down, I realize that it’s going to be succinctly different from the lighter colors, the subtler colors more of a higher-self color, that had been put down. So as we get set to proceed with this rainbow-like strip to be a band across an area, I realize it is a shock but it will work. 

So the meaning is, in terms of a flow grounding is important for the flow to cause a coming together. Red is the most rooted and grounded color to be used. From the first dream I was shown that life includes everything, even that which is meant to be a bit counter to the norm. It too has a place in the unfoldment of a flow. If off a bit in the flow, it is something that grounding will pull together, red being the root chakra color. 

And then you could say that this dream added something that was missing in the last one in that you bring in the root chakra, you bring in the grounding, and it all sorts itself out. When you have a dream subsequent to a meditation dream it tends to add to it and work with it, and sometimes includes something that’s a little bit missing. When something’s a little off, and yet it still has a flow, it can sort itself out with a grounding that occurs over the course of time. But, at the same time, things aren’t as we would like to think they need to be. We really don’t know what’s going on.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Rooted in Red

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