Everything in Sync

The messages within a dream can be simple and straightforward. Here we have two items that belong together, but that are not being offered together. This tells us that something that should be in a natural state has somehow become disconnected. And what is the pathway to finding a remedy? The imagery makes the case that stepping oneself away from the crowd is the best way to regain in oneself what has been lost. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I wish I remembered more details. But I remember one dream, it’s like I go to something that feels almost like a school yard, or it could be a baseball field, kind of the old-fashioned kind, though, like in a small town. 

And, when I get there, they’re giving away two things that they make in one of the buildings, and one is a flute and the other is a booklet with how you play it. And they’re giving one away to anybody that comes. But, although they’re a pair, they don’t give them away as a pair. So it feels like I go over first and I find a flute that they’ve kind of set out on the ground. And I look through it and everything, and I really like that flute, so I’m taking that flute.

Then it feels like the booklet that tells you how to play it, they just kind of throw out and you catch it. So I catch it. The only thing I’d say in that dream is it felt like where I went to get the flute and even catch the booklet was a little bit apart from the crowd. Like, some people might want to have something handed to them. It’s like I’m more go pick up something that I like. That was one dream.

John: So, in that dream, the flute represents a quality of intertwining, of being able to go into what there is that permeates the space where you’re at. And that you just have to catch up with that, you just have to realize that that’s what it’s about.

In other words, the theme of the dreaming is about realizing that one lives in a one beingness oneness. In other words, you’re just part of the composite of all of life. And that it is boring and very strained to go about in some sort of other capacity. 

And so you identify with a flow, which is represented by the flute. You find that in the ordinariness of an outer, that seems to have everyone else milled into it. And that you have to catch up with all of this, the meaning of the intertwining and the interconnectedness. You just have to sweep it in, it kinda comes over you. 

It’s a very odd subject matter from the standpoint that we’re used to going about sorting something out, or developing a kind of a consciousness way of trying to get outside of our own nuances. And, instead, what we’re coming to recognize is you don’t go anywhere, you are already in this one body orientation, and that if you let go to that fact you come to meet and greet and find that everything is in sync, in terms of that, as a flow. In other words, as something that just plays through all that there is. That is in all of that there is; there’s no separation. You have the means, and then you have to get in it. Otherwise you’re just passing time.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Everything in Sync

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