It All Falls Away

How does one get a closer look at the unseen aspects of life? We can’t ask our GPS for directions, we are finding our way forward by sense and intuition and, ultimately, by letting go. We may experience this as a feeling of crumbling, or falling apart, or even falling from a height, but we need to lighten our baggage to make an ascending journey. We have to fully let go of one stability before our new stability can develop firmly in us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: And then I have a dream where again like in what feels like I’m in a smaller town. On the right hand side of the street, because it looks a little like the town I grew up in, but it doesn’t feel quite like it because there’s more big buildings, but on the right hand side of the street is a school. And then I feel like another block or so past that is a field, like the one where they gave away the flutes, but this time I think there’s some kind of a soccer game or something going on there that I’m going to go to. 

But I’m not walking on that side of the street, which is the right hand side of the street. I’m walking on the left hand side of the street. And it feels like part of what I want to do is I want to see a building, it’s a taller building, two or three storeys tall, that is on the way that’s before the school yard. 

But I get to where I’m just across the street, I just have to cross one more street to get to that building. I can see that there’s some things falling off of it a little bit. And so somebody from across the street, right hand side of the street, hollers over at me that I have to go back, that no one’s allowed near the building because they’re demolishing it. 

So I turn away. So when I turn away, then it feels like I’m walking back up the way I came, rather than like crossing the street or going back to the game that I’d been on my way to see. It’s like it confuses me a little, it’s like not only is the building crumbling, but then it feels like the sidewalk is fading a bit, too. And also, I’m a little perturbed because I had this feeling I could get closer to the building, I had wanted to take a good look at it, or something

John: It’s a strange way of having to contend with the fact that there isn’t anything that exists other than our idea of separation. And what we see as things that appear to be isolated, or going on in their own unique separate capacity. 

Because we see that, and only see that, we indulge in that and we don’t break out of the trance that we’re in, that has us acting in some sort of way in which we adhere to our personality mannerisms in the whole, instead of being the whole. Instead of being all of what that is. And that we refuse to let go, even in the face of all of that trying to crumble around us so that we are left in just this one-body orientation. 

So the idea is for us to transition across into this quality of wholeness, but we fight it at every turn. And it’s hard to fight because, in an attempt to make sense of things, all that we’re doing is coming to realize that everything is up in the air. It’s all up in the air because that’s how it has to be when it’s not meant to stay separate, and not meant to be in its own individualized capacity. 

Quite a strange subject matter; it leads to odd images like what you just had. Those are odd images, but at least you pulled them out. Because somehow those images are supposed to bring you around to a point of letting go, instead of holding on and trying to do a care and maintenance of that which is separate. You kind of got to the crux of it by just denoting that what is going on, that is viewed and seen in some sort of separate capacity way, or separate way of getting there even, just crumbles. I mean, the walkway that you’re on crumbles, whatever it is that you perceive in the future falls apart. You can’t go back and forth across this and that crossing streets, and crossing pathways, and what not anymore, if all you’re doing is maintaining some sort of similitude to how it is that one is identifying in their separation, in their uniqueness. 

You could kind of come to know that there is something more, and when you have a sense of that something more that can be made a little louder in terms of your getting it, that can be like a completion, a step. But there comes a point in time when those steps have to fall away. And you just image it, I suffer it, or I have to go through the kind of strange struggle of a type of shake out to recognize that is what it’s about.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: It All Falls Away

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