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An Animate Way

Our intentions carry energy. If we are potent in our intentions, the energy can be transferred into what we are creating, whether art, music, or even food. This dream is about that possibility. And, as we move into a time of friends, family and food, it is worth remembering that we can offer all our guests an uplift of love and kindness if we carry such intentions and qualities within us as we prepare our meal. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: It’s interesting, I seemed to have a repeat theme last night. In the first dream, it’s like I’ve carved a statue out of stone, and I’ve made a special kind of base to this stone statue. It’s almost like a jade-like stone, it’s a dark green or something. 

And once I’ve carved the base to the statue in a certain way, it’s like the statue actually has a consciousness, like maybe it’s even a person that had been alive before. But, of course, some people have trouble recognizing that it’s actually alive. And I know it, but I know that maybe people don’t know how to carve that way anymore. Or they have trouble because, yes, it’s alive, but it’s a statue now. That was the initial dream; it’s like I was almost trying to show someone else how to carve. 

John: So that goes along with the parallel that there’s such a thing as knowing how to cook with love, which means that you are actually creating something, even though, for all intents and purposes, it could appear that you’re not doing any different than what anybody else does. 

It also goes along with the idea that there are certain places that are designed. I mean, they can even be designed in the world. And those places are designed in a way that is alive, or not. And what is the distinguishing feature, or factor? And the same is true of artwork, you can have a piece of art that is identical from one artist to another, but one artist is able to bring a certain third dimension alive or something, or bring something more to play that made that art more alive than something that is an exact replica. 

So what you’re doing is you’re looking at the idea of how something can be understood, based upon how it vibrates in terms of what is brought to bear. So rather than seeing facts, you’re just seeing an evidence of something in an animate way. Your dream is telling you that most people do not understand how to look at something beyond just the animate appearance. However, there is a way of affecting things in what is like an animate way that instills a vibrational life and quality to it. 

That is what dreams are about, too. Dreams have images and symbolism that seem intangible, but if you can let go of the setness of your ways, you can come to see through the symbolism to something even more that is functioning outside of something that is in a set, animate way. 

You’re dreaming the vibrational essence that is in play. You could extend this out to the world. And you could say that there is a lack of an attention upon the world that has thus caused something to be dismissed from the aliveness of the world. And a normal person functioning in a day-to-day way in terms of just seeing objects as objects, and animate as animate, is not going to recognize and note that there is an aliveness embedded in everything in life. And to lose the recognition of that is what makes things sad and causes something to die.

And so you’re sitting, raising the question, okay, here’s something that’s carved, and you know it, or create it, shaped and create it, and you know it to be alive – but good luck convincing others that that is the case.

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We’ve seen in recent dreams how the ability to zig and zag, or to keep a motion and flow, prevents being stuck or locked into a situation. Another way to think of this is, if we stay in one place (in ourselves) long enough, dust will begin to gather; everything thrives better with a circulation of energies moving about. For some of us this is more natural than others, and our dreams can show us which character type we are. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So this next dream involves you directly. In this dream, you and I have parked in front of a store. In other words, this is a store that is open normally in the daytime, and it’s nighttime. And so it’s after hours for this store to be operating, and you get out to go into a supermarket or something, and I stay in the car and wait for you to do what you got to do and to come back.

Suddenly, there’s movement in this store. In other words, the store has decided to take advantage of this area where all kinds of people come at this hour of the night. They mill around, it’s nice outside and whatnot. So they start doing these antics behind the illusion of this glass to try to get people’s attention. But I just ignore it. I just wait for you to finish whatever you’re doing in the nearby supermarket store. 

Suddenly, a guy comes out and gets on a loudspeaker and says that his runners are going to round people up. And they’re going to get on all of these buses, and there is bus after bus arriving now and stopping; they’re going to round everybody up and they’re going to transport them all to some other area. 

Well, it makes sense to him to do that, but I see no reason. I’m fine where I’m at, you’re getting what needs to be gotten, and when you come out, we leave. So to avoid being disturbed, I decide to drive around, thus making myself unapproachable. And instead of the car, now, it’s a motorcycle. And a motorcycle can kind of go this way, and that way. It doesn’t have to just stay on a given street. 

And I start off thinking I’ll go around the block. But, no, if I go around the block, I might miss you, plus this is a big block and it’s very cut up and very strange. It’s dark out, I could get lost. Plus, I don’t feel that I know the area that well. So I feel I have to be careful. So I just try to take the bike, avoiding people and whatnot. I just try to do that waiting for you to pop out of the store. 

Suddenly you come out and you’re baffled. You can’t see where I’m at. I try to wave, you don’t see. And, for some reason, I am not coming out from where I’m at to greet you, to pick you up. And you’re starting to turn around now. I’m acting like, if I move I will be found out, and so I’m frozen. 

So the dream is about drifting away; it has to do with being able to zig and zag. But I don’t know how to do that, in terms of waiting, to keep something from affecting something too overly much. And so it’s not something I know how to do very well. So a focus, attention and flow that is going on around me, but I don’t relate to – and I’m not willing to be affected by – yet I am affected because I don’t have the ability to zig and zag.

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When we are truly enjoying ourselves with friends, it usually has a very natural sense of flow, with no discordant moments or awkward feelings. It happens when we are harmonically synched up, and the energy is all at a similar frequency. If, however, any one person gets in a mood, or gets upset, it can throw off the greater flow for everyone. Now extrapolate this to us and the universe, where we think everything should unfold according to our needs and timing, rather that according to universal design.(At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my meditation dream, I’m holding my attention as intently as I can to keep from losing a sensation. I hold it, and I hold it. I’m not moving, staying in tune with a zeroed-in focus to the sense and sensation. 

So, as the dream progresses, when I pick up a woman who is coming home and has arrived from her trip, the setting is such that she is also meeting her boyfriend at the same time. We’re both to meet her at the same time. The pent-up energetic that I’m harboring within, which comes from holding and staying intensely in a focus, comes out. It is as if this sensation had to percolate. 

See, I have an imbalance in the fire energy. I need to hold that in a continuity and a balance or my fire comes out. The ability to touch in that kind of place of a firing out is easily skewered. So it is as if this energetic had to percolate, so to speak, and let off steam. It’s too much; in other words, it just came gushing out. 

So as I go up to greet her, he’s going up to greet her. And my mannerism was too much for the situation. The situation was a woman who had just arrived at a depot is to be simultaneously greeted, because we’re both waiting for her. And the flow to that reception, from me, is overwhelming. It is natural to experience that, in other words, something welling up within that is pent up, but not natural when what is pent-up is coming across too loudly, or too quickly, or too abruptly, or in a way that can’t be handled. That’s not proper zigzagging.

So, in the dream, I need to step back so that things are absorbed. She greets me and her boyfriend simultaneously, she can only handle so much. In other words, the moment needs to be recognized in terms of what is going on in the situation because she can’t meet and greet us both simultaneously if there isn’t adequate space and timing. 

My problem in the dream is knowing how to settle back. I need to let her boyfriend come into the equation, not overwhelm the situation with my presence. When that is done properly, she picks up the flow by saying to her boyfriend, I thought we should take you with us to an ice cream parlor that is on the way where we are going. That is relieving to hear because it indicates I am being taken into account, which apparently I need or I feel left out and am hurt.

So what is missing? In this dream, I am remiss when it comes to tying together a flow. The tying together is meant to be in keeping with the overall unfoldment. My sense of flow is too much. It isn’t the flow that is important, or my sense of things isn’t what is important, it’s the overall general flow that’s important, that takes into account the big picture. So, as a result, what occurs becomes over the top, and a balance and evenness are lacking. 

I do not know how to let what needs to occur, occur as it needs. To not allow this to unfold naturally, that is what is missing. Or the meaning is, in terms of what is missing, the dream is pointing out that I need to take in a situation with a rhythm that is in keeping with the pent-up energy that is in the atmosphere. To flow too much with a thread that is behind an energetic unfoldment is to be over the top, and when over the top I shut off or overwhelm the inner into outer dynamic and take a naturally unfolding scenario into such a pitch that it cannot keep up without there being something that gets frazzled.

A temperance is needed for the flow and attention to embody the overall wholeness. I must greet each aspect in the dream as me, and, when I do, I will immediately know the overall sensation’s timing and flow.

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