Two Parts of One’s Being

One of the fundamental dynamics to understanding our dreams is the interplay between our higher and lower selves. We can recognize the higher aspect because it is usually representing the best, or clearest, or most sensible position – it’s the teacher, the healer, the guide, the elder. Sometimes it is shown by the places we go: underwater for a dive into our deeper consciousness, or up in an airplane for reconnection to our higher nature. And often these two sides chase one another until someone gets the message and lets themselves be caught, so an integration can take place. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in the dream I had last night it feels like we’re all male, even me. Initially, I feel like someone is hunting me. And I’m concerned that I’ll give myself away, either when I go to practice my Tai Chi, or when I go to the bathroom. So I’m trying to stay somewhat concealed, and watch where I would practice any activities. 

But it seems to shift slightly, and we’re hunting someone, one of the other men. And it feels like he’ll give himself away, too, when he goes to the bathroom, plus he seems to have an injury. So we take him to a doctor, but the doctor seems to practice in the ocean so we’re all in the water. And it’s hard to keep track of him sometimes, because maybe he just swims and then we have to go try and find him and get him to the doctor. 

And then it seems like we’ve all gotten on the airplane. And, again, we’re trying to disguise him by where he sits on the airplane, but he won’t seem to sit where we want him to sit. And my concern is that if we get up to go to the bathroom, or if we get up to practice the Tai Chi again, people will spot us and find us. So there seems to be this concern both with finding him, and with disguising ourselves. That’s all I really remember of the dream.

John: This is your way of describing that there exists a presence, that you feel abstractively in the atmosphere, that is in the way of being able to let go into an emptiness, or invisibleness, of yourself. 

At the same time that you feel this means that you also have a sense that you need to be in a kind of emptiness that is a quality that you have a sense about, but do not know how to zero in or zoom in on it. The barrier is even the thought itself, meaning that if such and such occurs, or is contemplated, or is taken into account, then that means that you, when like this, are not able to just let go and go into this soul level place. 

It’s different than my way of looking at it, but it has some elements that are in common, in that you are seeing yourself as if you are sorting this sort of thing out, which is a masculine way of trying to get there. So you have that masculine way of trying to get there sense about yourself, and yet, at the same time, you’re acknowledging that where it is and how it is that it feels in an experiential or sensation sort of way. 

It’s an interesting dream in that it kind of points out the two parts of one’s being, or soul, coming together or becoming an overallness. And, when they aren’t that total letting go, it’s pointing out to you what it’s kind of like as a sensation sense, and what it’s kind of like as a way of trying to sort oneself out. And that they’re kind of flip sides of the same coin: the sensation sense will kind of correspond to the sorting out aspect, and they kind of go hand in hand.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Two Parts of One’s Being

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