Possession of Me

We may think of possession as it is depicted in horror movies, but it can be much more subtle. Some possessions are manageable, like “needing” coffee in the morning, but others are not so benign, such as saying, “I can’t help it, that’s the way I am.” When we speak those words, it is really the possession that is speaking through us, using us as the deliverer of its agenda. We all have free will, and can choose to act differently. But all energies that we have supported through our life have been fed by us, and they don’t want to be starved by us when we want to make a change. That’s when their desperation for “food” can make them seem even stronger to us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my meditation, I have to report first that the scenario which shaped my experience within had to do with recognizing that my way of feeling myself, and mannerisms, are shaped by what is going on within. I have come to learn that the way we feel ourselves is generally influenced by factors, like parasitic influences or something. 

I was looking at that just before I went to sleep, having read about how cat parasites affect humans. And, in addition, I had come back from a program that had taken my energetic level out of such a set conditional way of feeling, and in that set conditioned way of feeling there was an abiding – as if an abstractive influence.

I noticed yesterday myself being pulled back into the clutches of the effect that normally predominates in terms of how it is that I walk around. In other words, a certain heart element dropped as this came out more loudly to kind of influence. The effect I had gotten out of, momentarily, from the benefit of the energetic program, but then lost after the program, was diagnosed by a naturopath I go to as having something to do with vitamin deficiency. This was detected when I reported to the naturopath that I’m getting burned in the esophagus when I get real still in a meditative state. In other words, still holding on to something that’s not quite a proper way of letting go. 

So with this scenario at hand, and noticing that I was under a familiar spell again, yesterday, having lost an inner healing energy, with this as my backdrop I went into my meditation, seeking to heal, or let go of, or drop, or fall away from that condition. 

In the meditation dream I notice that the way I breathed, as if upon the heart or however it was, or upon the emptiness, was blurred by a reactionariness or a way that I still was carrying something, or protecting something, that was suddenly like a possession of me that I am not yet able to shake. 

So, in my meditation dream, I was noticing my breath being affected by this condition. So as the breath got affected, my energetic was compromised by this. I noticed I was experiencing, with my breath, a sense of trying to take an inner influence into account and set it aside. In other words, like physical, inner type influence, or effect, or portrayal – but this was not working out. 

My sense was that a condition imposed upon my beingness was tearing down the depths of a breath heart to a soul connection. On my breath, I was having to compensate for the energetic deficiency. In other words, not being in that place, because in that place it would all be absorbed. 

What occurred in my meditation dream is I was unable to be the way I needed to be in terms of my breath heart in a stillness because I was being compromised. In my meditation dream I noticed this compromise. The net effect was a physical reaction. I diagnosed this to be energetically associated with a parasitic behavior. The physical reaction was an outer result of a psyche imbalance, synaptically pulsating my nature.

The psychic reaction upon a brain to body level was the cue to pay attention to as a healing need. A healing is to shift a physical and energetic imbalance. And you do so because you tend to notice a one-to-one correspondence in the relationship. In other words, it holds something like that instead of it just letting go as a correspondence.

The direct healing, which you could say would be like a miracle, involves applying the will from within. I need the healing and forgiveness effect from the will within. Some call this effect as coming from the Holy Spirit, and others refer to this as the Will of God. On the micro level, my physical body has been appropriated to host what is seen in the micro to be like a parasitic behavior. On the macro level this is deemed an energetic imbalance.

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