Putting it Together

A crime has been committed and, as the dreamer, you are on the case. The investigation finds everything scattered and in pieces, and leads from an island to the cooler north – but is progress being made? In any investigation, the clues begin to paint a larger picture until the full understanding can come into view. So it is with our inner journey: in our lives we have scattered our wholeness into thousands of separate pieces and we are trying to find the main threads that bring them all back together. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in my dream, it’s like I’m on some kind of an island, it feels kind of British or something. And there’s been a crime that’s been committed and I’m trying to track it down, but it feels like there’s all these little houses and businesses that are small, and the people. I’m trying to get to know them and figure out where everybody was, but I can’t seem to put my finger on who the problem was because I keep going everywhere and looking at what people were doing, but everyone’s kind of covering for something in a way. 

And that kind of evolves more into a dream where we’re all kind of living somewhere that feels kind of in the north where it’s cold. Again, I’m looking for someone that maybe has committed a crime. But this time, we’re all living in kind of a large barracks. But it was like, although we have a large, open living area, we have all these tiny little bathrooms everywhere. And a lot of them leak. And each bathroom seems to be associated with a person. 

So it’s like I’m trying to figure out how we can find out who committed the crime. And I finally tell somebody that’s in charge, I think what they ought to do is to assign those of us that they maybe think haven’t done anything with someone that could have done it, pair us up one to one, and maybe that way we can figure it out. 

And also, at one point, it seems like I walk over to a door, and suddenly there’s a pond there. And there’s this huge turtle. Then there are suddenly two huge turtles there, and I’m trying to figure out what they eat. It’s almost like something drops from the sky, there’s even a little frog there. And somebody comes up to me to explain to me what they eat; that’s when I go back inside. 

And I go into one of the bathrooms that was leaking, and I suddenly realize that somebody’s been trying to do some repairs, because there are a couple brass faucets or gold-looking faucets, which none of the other bathrooms are that updated. But, on the other hand, it’s starting to leak from the ceiling and it’s leaking more than normal, like it suddenly sprung new leaks. And that was when I woke up. 

John: So the dream starts off in which you’re isolated in terms of yourself, like you’re on an island. And you know that you’re meant to shift or connect to something, but instead of recognizing that it’s a shift and a connection in which you change inside of yourself, you perceive it instead as if something is haunting and trying to come after you. 

And then, as a consequence of you feeling it that way, having isolated and bifurcated yourself from the overall, that, as you’re growing, you come to recognize that, yes, you can have a bigger place but your mannerism isn’t quite right in terms of it. And thus you are not able to align yourself, or put yourself together. You’re not putting yourself together, that’s the fact of all the little bathrooms and they all leak, they don’t work and they’re all individualized, you know, you’re meant to be a whole. 

And then you’re shown that there is so much more, you’re shown the turtle, and you’re shown the quality of how something is meant to be. And so what that does is – the image of the turtle and the effect of that suddenly in the atmosphere – takes and touches the heart in a certain way so that you are redeemed from that predicament. In fact, you come to know that there is something about the quality of that turtle that eats this sort of stuff as food, this imbalance and whatnot, in terms of its care of a wholeness for the world. 

But you don’t hold it. When you come back and look around you find out, yes, lots has been done. But it didn’t get finished. And so, yes, the toilets and whatnot attempts to repair have occurred, but it didn’t get put into a proper completed package, or container, thus the roof and the ceilings are leaking. 

So what is interesting about this dream is it has the detail of an unfoldment that’s a lot like the masculine dreams unfold because I can take and I could see the whole sequencing of things which one sees in a masculine type dream, and usually you just find yourself in a way of being, you know, just all subjective way of being without the objective added to it. And then it’s a question of, okay, what does that image portray or signify? 

In this particular case, the signifying aspect of something that’s just a set modality, or overall modality, was the turtle in terms of what it eats, and the understanding of something how that has its healing quality. But the rest of it had to do with the misaligned meandering of having taken on an energetic demeanor that was a little askew in terms of how it was meant to unfold, or awaken, in terms of taking in something in a larger overall process of oneself, the wholeness.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Putting it Together

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