Something to Work Out

Sometimes the best awareness we can have is that everything is a process, and everything is in process. We may wish that we get enlightened in a sudden flash, but it doesn’t really work that way – because even a sudden flash of new intelligence is a step on a longer path to a further destination. We receive the bits of information we are ready for, and that allows us to move forward in our search for the next bit. With new information comes a new approach and a greater understanding of the whole picture we are living within. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so then when I came to bed, the first sleep dream is, I received a phone call from a woman who introduces herself as Ted Hill’s daughter. Ted Hill is kind of a right wing guy, who’s from Alaska, you know, and very biased about things, and very rigid. There’s a fine line and he never crosses this fine line. And, of course, this is just a dream. 

So, in this dream, Ted Hill has died. And the daughter has come back to the area, and she has come back with her two daughters to visit. And I say to her, Ted used to talk about you all the time, he was so proud. She seems a bit surprised by that because of a distance and stigma she is carrying, because she knew her dad to be a bit old-fashioned. 

I say to her, you and Ted have something to work out, don’t you? And she says, I don’t know what that means, but I do know that we have some sort of connection with you. I ask her: Are you in Billings now? I’m trying to figure out what it is going to take to make a connection. I’m living in another state, and it is a ways away. 

Meaning: this is a dream about bringing an inner vibration into life for completion purposes. Scenario: the vibration he was attempting to bring through required more connectivity to bring it through in the manner of meaningfulness that is needed.

What I get actually trips something more. It was like telling a dream, and then always being able to remember the dream, like when you tell a dream to someone that holds the right presence and state. That was like a dream, and then it caused something more to be tripped. 

So, in the next dream, I’m teaching a young girl how to drive. The lesson has to do with backing up. She goes a bit fast, but she can do it. From there, I go to another car for her to try. I say to her: it is similar and works on the same principle. As she backs up, there’s a hill that we need to go down. I say to her: don’t go down the hill backwards, it is too dangerous. 

Meaning: another grounding dream in life in which a particular focus and attitude makes what could have been difficult a challenge that is exciting in terms of bringing through a flow. 

And then, in another dream, a person has parked in a parking garage that is separate from the casino, like you see in Vegas all the time. There is a corridor and ramp that has to be traversed between the two places. I mean, that’s where the attention is at. And it looks a little different than what I’m inclined to expect, but the principle involved is the same.

Meaning: this is about familiarity and naturalness, in terms of going from level to level in life. And so then I sum it all up. From the meditation dream I experienced what it is like to be too transcendent. The frustration is excruciating knowing something needs to be done and not being able to make it happen. 

In the first sleep dream there is a forgiveness and acceptance that is needed in order to complete the connection. In the next dream, a confidence and eagerness to do what is necessary is important, along with recognizing that a responsible focus is needed for safety purposes. And, in the final dream, a naturalness gets established in terms of readily going back and forth.

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