Searching for Simplicity

We’ve all experienced the feeling of not being able to get through to someone – it can be frustrating and upsetting. When we get personally involved in the unfolding of events, meaning we are upset, or deeply emotional, making it all about “us,” we become the person whom it is impossible to reach. Who or what is trying to reach us? All the energies and signals of the flow of the universe seek to nudge us into a greater alignment. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So then I try to meditate again, and I go deep inside but can’t pull out the dream. Instead, I’m left with the impression that I’m not ready to know. In other words,, there’s something about me that is still a little haywire. Or maybe it is more like, at this time, I can’t handle the truth. I can’t handle it. In other words, I guess I’m still too reactive, or something.

And then I come to bed and I have a number of dreams. In the first dream, I’m out strolling, trying to determine how I feel about a particular situation, a situation that I need to find a balance towards, or a better understanding, or way of dealing with it, that I’m trying to sense in a natural way. 

And so I seem to stroll into kind of a courtyard area, all paved and people can mill around out there. So I stroll into this courtyard area and that’s where I meet Doc Bruner. He is preoccupied with something. And what he’s trying to do is to find the perfect flower. 

Well, it seems a little strange because it’s a concrete courtyard – how is he going to find the perfect flower? I don’t see how that’s possible. But I try to look beyond the abstractness of his demeanor, which means that I’m excited to see him. But it doesn’t change his demeanor. He’s still reserved. 

So I go up and I hug him from behind, as if to get his attention, and he isn’t receptive because he is deep in a separate frame of reference orientation. In fact, what it does is it might have broken him a little bit out of his trance because he walks into a cafe. He’s still ignoring me because of the trance and state he’s in. And inside the cafe he meets a colleague named Dr. Lecter. 

And so they greet each other, doctor this and doctor that, and I realize I don’t measure up apparently to this good doctor’s frame of reference. In other words, he’s not catching a quality by which I’m communicating to him. He’s just operating in his own motif. So that leaves me kind of standing out there silly, so I pick up the remnants of an old newspaper and act like I haven’t been slighted. 

So what’s going on is in trying to get to the depth of a matter, I need to be able to bridge the divide between simplicity and sophistication. I’m searching for simplicity, which is also Doctor Bruner, when he is just on his own, being his natural self trying to find some perfect flower in the courtyard, even though I don’t notice that I even saw any flowers in the courtyard. So he is doing what I am living, in his way, when I come by him, because I had been wandering about trying to catch up with where I am at in terms of a natural understanding. 

But a gap exists here, as exemplified by Doctor Bruner, who upon distraction goes into a sophisticated mannerism, ignores me, shuts off the connection, gets linear, and goes into an indoctrinated focus when he goes into the coffee shop, where there it’s customary to just dwell in one’s dignity. So I don’t measure up and I retreat to the old newspaper, meaning I lose the clarity and heartfulness, simultaneously, as we both trance out from the subtle meaningfulness.

And the meaning is, this is about a stalemate veil that exists between receptivity and perturbance. Without the openness of receptivity, a person remains closed off from an intertwined simplicity that is in the environment, and is the means to experience the wholeness; the essence. To ignore this naturalness of being is to trance into a sophisticated demeanor, incapable of perceiving the subtle and sensitive needs of a greater beingness.

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