A Bigger Fish

If we are fishing, we might understand that the biggest fish are often in the deepest water. We might say the same about what lies in our deepest unconscious: the biggest psychologies, fears, and patterns dwell at these deeper levels. So, if we make a point in ourselves to only fish in the shallows, we will be limiting the catch that can be reeled in. These things may seem scary to us, but they are already a part of us, and not a stranger. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the next dream, I and my father are out in a large stream, or maybe it’s a small river, and we’re fishing. And I’m not fishing today because my pattern has been to fish in the shallows, to fish fairly close in, but I haven’t had much success. So this isn’t the right stream for that sort of thing. 

Yet my father seems to be successful, and has gotten into the habit of casting to an area where the river makes a turn, or the stream makes a turn there, it’s kind of like big rocks underneath and there’s a little channel that goes really deep right there, and goes still before the river then speeds up and flows again and gets fairly shallow in its nature. And that’s where the fish can hang out; big fish can hunker down where those large rocks are, underneath. 

So because this isn’t the type of place where I would pick to fish, meaning of this river, because it doesn’t have the vegetation along the shoreline that I choose when I like, because then the fish tends to find holes in the bank there and stuff like that. And you can get really close, you can sneak up on them and get really close to them. Because this doesn’t have this kind of thing, the fish can see you from a long way away. This is not my kind of fishing. 

In other words, the atmosphere isn’t there, nor the quietness, for the fish. Anyway, that’s how it works for me. But, as for my father, he gets a lot of bites by letting his bait drift into this rocky channel with a natural abyss in this particular spot, a ways away, you know, he stands way upstream. 

Suddenly, he catches a fish. He gets a lot of bites, but suddenly he catches a fish. As he reels it in, I notice it is a bit larger than normal; it’s a bigger fish than you would normally catch there. I tend to catch smaller fish. And when he does catch a fish, they do tend to be bigger. But this is even bigger than usual. In terms of the type of fish that it turns out to be, it’s not a huge fish like this, but it’s still a shark. But I don’t notice this right away, in that it has fins that it can use to strike the bottom to propel itself along. In other words, those sharp spikes. 

As he lands the fish that’s when I notice that it’s a shark. And as the shark comes off the hook, I’m acting like we need to kill it. My dad says the shark will die on his own. In other words, because he’s on the shore, not in the water. So the shark flips about and struggles on the shoreline and then tumbles back into the water. I’m stunned by this image. This wasn’t supposed to happen. The shark gets away.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: A Bigger Fish

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