Discovering the Process


We can see it in our language: “They put a lot of energy into something,” or, “That requires too much energy.” We understand that energy is transferred from us, into the things that we do, or focus ourselves upon. And, if we add our conscious intention to that energy, say, as we paint a painting, we can instill in that object the very energy that inspired its creation. This is often what we respond to when a piece of art moves us, but we are all artists in this way – capable of imbuing something we create energetically. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then, in my second dream, I’m, I’d say, in my 20s, or 30s, or something, I’m married to someone who is like an attorney, a professional man of some kind. He goes to work, and then he has an office at home, too. 

And in the office at home, that I go into, he has something that he’s invented and carved out. But it’s something that almost looks like it fits in a box, or a part of a box, on his desk. And if you take this, it’s almost like the size of a vase, but it’s shaped in a certain way and has certain ingredients in it. If you take this, and you do something to it, it becomes alive. And he’s discovered that process. 

So, when he’s gone one day, I go in there and I do something similar. And I figure out how to make it come alive because I’ve observed how he did it. I’m not even sure that he likes this, he didn’t realize that I could do that. But I do. 

But then what I try to do is I try to show someone else how to do that. I get something that they carve and bring it in and put it on the desk. But it seems to be tricky, or more of a process, to make that come alive, maybe because they don’t believe in it quite so much. Maybe because I’m not so sure my husband approves of it. I’m not sure what it is, but I’m having more trouble getting that to come alive. 

John: So you’re dreaming how a connection is possible between inner and outer. And so that which is in the office, that is something that is held in a particular quality way, a carving or accoutrements of whatever it is, as a viable essence is something that can then go out and affect things in the outer.

But you can’t take and bring something from the outer and put it into the office and think that you can reverse the order. That doesn’t work. And so that quality, that goes from the inner into the outer, is a masculine quality. Now you can come and know that there is something to that, because you can flip this a little bit and realize that the object that is in the office, that’s in the inner, that has the magic in the outer, you can flip this a little bit as if that object is now an embedded quality of yourself, object-wise, on the inner. 

So you know how that works. The action itself coming from that is able to go out and have an aliveness that extends beyond and outside of the object itself. Now it’s surprising that you could come to know this – it is what you are reviewing and looking at inside of yourself – because you are used to seeing yourself in the feminine way that holds the subjective awareness, basically in a completeness, although in a different form. In other words, in matter, so to speak. And yet you have come to recognize that you can turn that into objective, as well. 

Normally, the insight and the clarity of something in matter is like a magic that stands separate and works only in a magical way, or an interaction way, in terms of the Divine, we’ll say, or the dynamic of inner and outer. In other words, it’s kind of like a participation. And that the idea of something that is able to do something, that could come and do something directly into life in a miracle capacity is separate from that. That masculine is, in other words, separate from the effect of the way something is able to be enlivened to transmit. 

You’re raising questions about that. In other words, it’s not that black-and-white, that there seems to be a two-way correlation. Yes, it can be said in a black-and-white way, but on a higher level it doesn’t necessarily work that way. Thus you break a certain kind of delirium that tends to exist when you have one thing that is just the vibration coming through, and the other just something that is embedded as an object of aliveness. 

Here, you now have the aliveness. You’re able to now work with the aliveness in an objectified form, in terms of accomplishing and doing something, and striking out with it, in terms of an outer impact. And that’s a surprise to you; that’s something new. That’s something that you didn’t know could be done. In fact, that’s something that hasn’t been explained as even being possible to be done.

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