Unlocking the Aliveness

A shaman will tell you that the insight they have about plants and their medicinal qualities comes from an energetic connection to the plant, rather than trial and error experimentation. And this points to a great truth in life: the energy within all things contains the intelligence of that thing. If we want to understand something, we can connect to its intelligence. We do it already in subtle ways, but we can also practice this in ourselves and become much better. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the theme of the dreaming was about the idea that you have an aliveness, and this aliveness is something that is in everything that exists, including that which is tangible. And tangible includes even thoughts, and tangible includes even vibrations, and images within those vibrations, if those images are properly sorted out in terms of the right focus and attention.

The dilemma that typically occurs is that the images correspond a lot to the seed thought of something coming through, and it can be kind of reflectively confusing to the same degree that all of those thoughts can seem disconsolate and not necessarily come down and invoke the principle of the correlation in matter. 

But the time comes when this dynamic is no longer like a door to have to go through, you go through it, and it comes all the way down and through. And thus you can end up with, as your dream suggests, you can end up with something that is quickened as an aliveness that is experienceable, on this side, that touches that which is on the other side, instead of there being this seemingly arm’s length distance where something comes into life from somewhere else. 

And that which comes into life from somewhere else is deemed a miracle, and then what it sets off as a spark in life is deemed the degree to which something participates. But if you take the expression “light coming down and touching light, and light rising up to touch light,” if you follow it all the way through, you end up with the same/same – you have above and below coming together. 

What you dreamt was something that pulled all of that together. And that’s the theme of the dream, of a cycle, of life. And then you can take and you could break this down to every degree that you look at it under a microscope. You can say that everything in the physical has an aliveness about it, it’s just a question of being able to unlock that aliveness that, with animate eyes, stays as an animate, non-aliveness. 

And you have to unlock the aliveness even of what you’re able to see, within, in a dream context, because that too is real. It’s outside of maybe a physical context, but that’s because you have caught up with it in both the inner and in the outer, and thus you have a relationship and a dynamic that can occur even in a dream – and that can tell you things. And you can see that in its whole symbolic dynamic. 

So you laid a very interesting foundation in that you took and went ahead and you discovered in your dream something in a very basic, dynamic, natural overall way. I take and I play with this, in terms of you might say the nervous system mannerism of it, that then comes across more as a dream content approach. And that, too, is real, but it’s harder for people to accept that it’s real and that’s why people don’t believe in their dreams.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Unlocking the Aliveness

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