Improving the Odds

When we are connected, and in the flow, that is where we have the odds in our favor in life. We are not resisting, we are letting go to what wants to happen, and the whole of the life of us is in balance and energetic harmony. When we lose our connection, through ego emotions and personal mannerisms, we stack the odds against us – making our movement through life more random and difficult. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I dreamt a lot last night, but I had a headache and I couldn’t pull out most of the dreams. The only significant thing I remembered from the longest dream was it felt like I was with a group of people and there was something that, if you did it, it worked one out of six times. You could do the same thing, but you only got credit for it, or it only worked one out of six times. 

And I was trying to figure out if there was any way to shift that, to have it work more often, or more consistently? Or do you only get credit, or does it only really come through one out of the six times? That’s the only thing that I really pulled out of the dreaming. 

John: Well, usually, this happens to me instead of you. And that is that one gets discombobulated, or thrown off, based upon a scenario that one went through. And the scenario that one went through was this whole thing of last night, and what do you do? 

And the energetic that it was approached with was kind of an eenie meenie miney moe, in other words, there wasn’t a crisp clarity because there wasn’t the recognition of the type of sense that one needed as a quality of letting go so that true help and sight could be given. 

When it’s like that, and you are sincere in terms of trying to figure it out, but you are caught in the nuance of the situation, not only is that stressful and straining, like in your case can give you kind of a headache even, but that the odds are against you being able to, because of personal mannerisms, the odds are against you being able to come up with something that is going to be a completeness, and wholeness, and a balance for everyone. And everyone being yourself. 

You dreamt how the scenario of the situation was in some sort of, so to speak, kind of black-and-white. And the way you dreamt it is that the odds of something like that getting it right are quite slim. And the reason is because it isn’t at a point where something properly lets go. 

And, as a consequence, various parts of oneself in that scenario are going to fly out of hand. There were the best laid plans there, they just aren’t going to quite work out to every given component part. And, thus, what you have is you have an inability to let go. And that inability to let go will be carried and perpetuated as a cycle until something is realized, or until it can be genuine.

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High Tech

When we find ourselves using something advanced, or sophisticated, in our dreams it can be a sign that we are entering into a newly awakened capability. When this happens we won’t always know how to use it – the leap can be so significant. But it is a good problem to have in that we are making strides into new territories and finding our way into new aspects of our inner life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the next dream, a person hands me a cell phone and thinks I can deal with an issue he has. It’s an amazing cell phone; I never saw such an amazing telephone, the buttons go up and down, it scopes. I don’t even know what half of it is, it folds differently and everything else. 

It’s kind of fluid in your hands. In other words, there are things about it that I’ve never seen before; it’s the most sophisticated thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t know how to get on the internet with this, that being my first idea in terms of pretending to know how to get to the bottom of some issue he has. 

As I play around I accidentally discover he has lost a bag at the airport. When he comes back in the room, I say to him (I’m playing dumb yet, because I don’t know how to even help him recover his bag or whatever), I say, I see you lost a bag at the airport. Did that work out for you? He says, kinda. There was a catch. 

He pulls out some money order checks in various denominations that are foreign. They’re not big, they’re small checks. As he is flashing this about, others come over thinking he knows about something that they need to see, or get close to. The scene looks a bit like he’s being viewed as being some sort of sophisticated stock trader. I happen to know that they are giving him too much credit because, from my perspective, I am charged with having to fix a problem he has. So, he can’t be that sophisticated. 

So I leave the room. When I come back, I have a vacuum cleaner with me that I park in a corner next to the door. He is at a large computer terminal that extends along the entire length of a wall. He says, alright, as he makes a motion as if I am to sit down and take over. I don’t make eye contact, so I play dumb and go over to one side as if I am coming from a different space than he is. In other words, as if I’m dumbed down. 

Meaning: What is opening up for me has to do with being able to absorb in a way that I don’t understand. I don’t think much about the currency as it is foreign, but others see more to it than me. I do not put much attention to this part of myself as I know there is much more going on that I don’t understand. 

And also I prefer being off to one side, away from the unfolding scene that sweeps over the room. As much as I try, what is going on is intent on keeping me in the equation I don’t understand. 

Scenario: Could I be compelled to follow the thread of an environmental issue with consequences I don’t know and issues that are over my head? The dream is suggesting that this could be so. In doing so, I am developing an understanding about how things scope out more than I realize, and that there are unimaginable consequences I have yet to understand.

In the microcosm is that which is important to the macrocosm. There is a burning sense of needing to come more to grips with how this works and what this is about.

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Playing with Fire

Though almost no one will admit to enjoying pain, whether physical of psychological, we often inflict the psychological version upon ourselves. In this dream it is portrayed as the pain of being burned from the heat of sun through a magnifying glass – and isn’t that how it often happens? We magnify inconsequential things to the point where they cause us stress and anguish. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It’s a good thing I have dreams, sleep dreams. You know I have something like that and I think I’m stuck with it, I’m not going to do anything else. I come back and I’m not sure I can sleep. 

So in this dream, which repeats a couple of times, I find myself squirming. The setup is I have come home and I’m trying to relax. There is a person who has a new fascination. He has found that he can concentrate a sun ray through a magnifying glass and send out a heat ray that, when it touches – and he’s shooting this ray at me – and it hits you, even though you can’t see it, because he’s shooting it out as a tight ray, I squirm in pain. He thinks it to be fascinating. He finds this to be fascinating, as he tests the parameters.

Meaning: This is an image akin to playing with fire. When you play with that which is like fire you are burned if you do not have a good handle on the parameters. This image goes along with the meditation dream in which an inner consciousness that expands into the universe can, upon contraction, become quite toxic, in other words can be painful, can be shocking. It can hurt something.

Or, to put this in more literal terms, to concentrate the intensity of microbial activity is inviting the process to get out of control. In other words, instead of keeping it in an expanse and its normal spaciality. This is akin to perpetrating an imbalance upon the environment and acting surprised when the response is an out of control reaction. 

Scenario: I’m considering the pathogen effects and toxicity dangers of septic waste in an environmental situation where assimilation isn’t happening.

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