Ever since we saw The Wizard of Oz we have known that all appearances are not as they seem. But in the case of our external life, the “man” behind the curtain is the energetic realms which power the visible, manifest world. In fact, nothing can appear in the physical world without first existing in the energetic world. So, if we want to know the truth of anything, we will be closer to it when we connect to the energetic essence of what we are dealing with. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So that’s the first dream; it doesn’t stop. See, it’s showing that everything’s alive. That’s how I knew that my dreams were alive because you’re making the animate and it was all fitting together. 

In the next image there’s a lot of commotion in the front of a room. This is a room where a lot of people have gathered. To begin with, my attention and the attention of everyone in the room is upon the interaction and dialogue in the front of the room. It’s like at a conference, you know, where everyone’s eyes are turned to the front, only in this case there are questions and dialogue that’s going on, and it’s all happening in the front. 

Suddenly, I realize that this is the wrong place to put the attention. The force and power is in the back of the room, what is in the front of the room is a front for appearance purposes. When I get it, and turn my attention to that which is in the back of the room, that is when I experience the non-superficial power that isn’t a going-nowhere show. 

In other words, the front is a misdirection, and in the back is where the action is held in track, what’s directing it. So, this dream inflects that appearances can be deceiving. In the dream, I am initially paying attention to the upfront appearances. As I let go of that I see that such appearances are not what is going on. Quietly hidden in the back, where no one is looking, hidden in a powerful presence way, is the dynamic at play. 

In the next image I see a garment on a hanger. To take the garment off the hanger, you have to unlock a release on the hanger. A price tag is attached to a string and it extends from the garment. When the garment is released from the hanger, the release locks in place, and catches and conceals the price tag. 

The price tag is pulled off; there’s just the string and the garment. So the price tag is left behind. And it’s underneath the latch, so you can even see what the price is. You can’t look at the hanger and even figure out the price. 

The meaning is, like the first two sleep dreams, additional evidence of value is at issue in terms of a transaction.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Misdirection

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