In the Puzzle

When we look at the spectrum of the rainbow, we see the colors of the main frequencies on this planet. Each of us also has a spectrum of energies associated with the energetic spectrum of colors, because the fundamentals of light and energy apply to the planet and we humans equally. If we want to fully understand ourselves, one way would be to look at our different aspects under the characteristics of the colors of light and their natures and frequencies – as is being shown to the dreamer in this dream. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I don’t remember much of my dreams last night. But I had one dream about the lady detective from England, Vera, who’s show we were watching. And it’s like she’s investigating some kind of a crime that happened at like a pub. 

And I remember at one point, she opens up the back door of the pub, but then sees that there’s no real exit there, it’s just a patio that goes out and looks over the water. And she seems to be associated with a kind of golden light. 

And then there’s another woman, a kind of tall, thin woman that comes as part of her team, and when she opens up the back door to see where it goes, she’s associated more with an orange light. And that’s really all I remember about the dream. It seemed like she just had this notebook where she was checking what was going on.

John: So the energetic of Vera was one that is always haunting and probing, and haunting and probing – almost in a nauseating way. It’s a hard show to watch because you have to get caught up in the puzzle of this kind of bewilderment in order to find it interesting. 

And behind all of that, however, is what your dream made out of it is the recognition that the process that she was under, in her afflictive focused way, worked and dealt with catching up with who she really was. 

And the way you saw this is that the doors, and things that she was opening, were opening to different colors of her beingness, or different colors of light. When the different colors open up, embedded in the colors is information. And the sum total of the pure light that is all of the information that there is, which means that in a sort of in-manifestation way, everything is whole and complete. We just don’t see it. 

And, if one were to see it, one would actually incorporate the essence of everything being as a form of wholeness, or overallness. The haunting involves the looking, and the probing, and the acting as if one has to solve a puzzle. But the finding, or the pulling together, takes in all of the light that there is.

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